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SuperEasy Password Manager Free for Windows

Do you use a single password for all your online accounts? If yes, you are actually calling for a big trouble. For security reasons, it is always suggested to have different passwords for your online accounts, however, it is never easy to remember so many passwords. When it is about remembering so many passwords, we usually end up keeping some simple passwords which are easy to remember which is wrong. This is where the password managers help you.

SuperEasy Password Manager

There are many benefits of using a password manager on your Windows PC, saving you from remembering the strong passwords being the most important one. There are many free password managers but it is important to select the one which not just save your passwords but also helps in generating a strong password for each website you have account with and also login to various websites for you.

SuperEasy Password Manager is one of such password managers, which do much more than just remembering passwords for you. It stores all your passwords securely and also fills the login details automatically on various websites for you. The program also helps you filling your details while creating new accounts.

Features of SuperEasy Password Manager

The program supports three languages- German, English and Japanese and it can be downloaded here. The free version of SuperEasy Password Manager allows you to add only 15 accounts or passwords.

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