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5 Websites that give you a Summary of Terms and Conditions

One thing which we all need to agree is that, we never read the terms and conditions when we come across it. Whether we download an audio file, apps or register in any website we are supposed to mark the check box called “I have Read and agree to Terms and Conditions” and we go for even without reading a bit of it.

We do so because, as the content comprises of huge number of pages and we just do not waste our time in reading it. But, to what extent do you think skipping the terms and conditions are advisable? I think we need to at least be aware of what does it has.

It does not mean that we need to spend and waste our time on it, but we do have ways to get the summary of terms and conditions and I will let you know how to get that in this article.

Websites to know Summary of Terms and Conditions

There are a few websites which summarize the terms and conditions for us. These websites do not show you the entire terms and service, but will summarize and will let you know the important conditions and that is what we want. So, let us get in to the list of those websites.

1. Terms Of Service Didn’t Read

In order to get what is present in terms and conditions, is the best website for you. It summarizes what is present in terms and conditions and lists down the important points you need to know. By default, it shows you the summarized form of terms of conditions of major online services.

You can even get it as the browser extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari for free. With the extension you can get the summary of terms and conditions of any website which you visit. Install the extension and quickly get an idea of terms of conditions of a particular websites you visited.


Knowing the summary of terms and conditions is not enough. We need to even have an idea of what changes are being made to it. So, with the collaboration of Electronic Frontier Foundation and let you find the difference in versions of terms of service. TOSback keeps an eye on websites and will update you when it’s terms and conditions changes.

With just a click, you can track changes of terms and conditions just the way you monitor changes in files. This is really a useful tool for many of us.

3. Clickwrapped: Gives Grades to Websites

Every Social Networking Websites, Photo Sharing Websites and other Search Engines have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies. Every user may not be aware of what are those and what those websites do with the content, photos or any of our stuff it has. Clickwrapped does it the way we want.

It gives grades and ranks websites based on the terms of service and privacy policies. It ranks websites based on the how one website gives respect to the user rights.

4. Generate Privacy Policy

If you are starting a website and you want to have terms and conditions for your website on your own, then website comes handy. You can get terms of service from a lawyer, but giving a try with this website will let you know how privacy policy should look like and it is the better way to start with.

Just type your location and company name and it generates the privacy policy which is generic and advisable. It is free to use and has the required license. You will get to know what is meant by clean terms and conditions.

5. Terms and Conditions Checker: Chrome Extension

Terms and Conditions Checker Chrome Extension will let you know what terms of service is associated with the website you visited. It even highlights the important points you need to be aware of before accepting it’s terms of service. This is a very useful extension to get an idea of terms of service before accepting them.

These are 5 websites which provide you the summary of terms of conditions, thereby helping you know what to agree for and what not to agree.