Procedure to submit and sell your applications on Windows Phone Marketplace

The Windows Phone Marketplace is the market that is dealing in Windows Phone apps. Yes, you can now sell your apps on marketplace to the consumers. Moreover the MarketPlace billings and payments are automatically handled for you.

This article will explain you all the procedures that are carried out in the life cycle before your application reaches marketplace. Well there are series of the action that are required to be carried out and they are:

  1. Register as a Windows Phone Developer.
  2. Develop and Test Your Application.
  3. Assemble the Prerequisites for Certification.
  4. Submit Your Application for Certification.
  5. Link to Your Application in the Windows Phone Marketplace Catalog.
  6. Updating Your Application in the Windows Phone Marketplace.
  7. Support.

Let me explain you all of them one after the other.

1.)   Register as a Windows Phone Developer:

Every business needs a membership, like wise you need to register for selling out your applications. App Hub is the website where you need to register. In fact App Hub is the place where you will be managing your application for distribution.

2.)    Develop and Test Your Application:

This includes three phases.

3.)    Assemble the Prerequisites for Certification:

This includes uploading your application to the marketplace. As when you are done with your development in Visual Studio, it creates a .XAP file. .XAP is a executable file all you need to do is to upload this to the marketplace. Here is the place where you upload it.

4.)    Submit Your Application for Certification:

When you are done with uploading your application you need to submit it for certification. As soon as it gets certified you will be notified, also you can choose automatic publishing which publishes your application after certification. All this features are available in App Hub dashboard. Certification details are available on MSDN. You can also see our step-by-step Guide on how to register and submit a Windows Phone app into the Marketplace.

 5.)    Link to Your Application in the Windows Phone Marketplace Catalog:

After publishing your application, it appears on marketplace catalog. You can use the link of your application to promote it right away.

 6.)    Updating Your Application in the Windows Phone Marketplace:

At any point in future you plan to update the version of you application. Then you need to update the users and also add your updated version in your membership account.

7.)    Support:

App Hub provides community forums for discussions and knowledge sharing in market community. You can get feedback from other developers reviewing your application or users who would like to add a note regarding the services they get from it.

If you are a Windows phone application developer, this is the best time to get started on marketplace and get credits for your work. And if you already have Windows Phone apps available in the MarketPlace, feel free to talk about them in our Windows Phone Forums.

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