The All New Stylish Artist Edition of Microsoft Touch Mouse

Microsoft was captivated by the increase in the number of people using the Microsoft Touch Mouse. Microsoft therefore wanted to release a limited-edition graphic for the Touch Mouse that was easy to use. And now, it’s here. This mouse is the best answer from Microsoft to the multi-touch Magic Mouse by Apple.

microsoft touch mouse artist edition

At CES 2011 Microsoft announced the new Touch Mouse with artist’s touch from Microsoft. The new Touch Mouse makes interaction with Windows 7 much easier. A New York-based artist Deanne Cheuk, known for her illustrative typography, worked to integrate circuit boards and its symmetry. This new Touch Mouse Artist Edition pattern consists of a calligraphy-like motif which echoes the movement the person performs on the Touch Mouse.

The Touch Mouse Artist Edition navigates faster and easier with multi-touch features of the Touch Mouse a person can use one, two, or three fingers, this is designed specifically for Windows 7. So many Windows 7 features can be used easily with this Mouse.

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Microsoft Touch Mouse Artist Edition Features:

  • Allows users to do the tasks normally done with a keyboard, uses gestures for “shorter” shortcuts
  • One can easily slide to left or right while writing or reading any post.
  • To go “back” one can move the thumb towards the left in IE9 or to the right to go forward tasks you normally do with a keyboard.
  • When you slide your fingers over the mouse, you get animated “touch trails” to see what is happening as you interact with Windows 7.
microsoft touch mouse artist edition dimensions
  • The new Touch Mouse provides improved task switching experience in Windows 7. To see a grid view of all your open application windows just use 3 fingers and swipe up on the mouse.
  • Then you can choose which application you want to switch to. If there are multiple monitors connected to your work desktop PC. Depending on which monitor the mouse cursor is on, the grid view of opened application windows will appear
  • The Touch Mouse utilizes BlueTrack Technology which makes easy to use without a mouse pad on almost any surface.
  • Consists of small nano transceiver (2.4GHz wireless) snaps into the bottom of the mouse for easy storage.
  • When it’s released, the Touch Mouse utilizes an updated version of the Microsoft IntelliPoint software for the enhancements in Windows 7 to support the mouse.

The Touch Mouse Artist Edition will be available soon for the price tag of $79.95. The price tag is worth for a special edition mouse by Microsoft, whose hardware gets attention by something special every time they release it.

You can check the complete details and you can even buy online from Microsoft’s Official Hardware Website.

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