Stop Edge from hijacking your PDF/HTML file associations

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  1. No idea, really, how good or bad MS Edge is. All I know is this: when any maker chooses to be “in my face” by bolting on a product and making it all-but-impossible to remove – then I try my very hardest to eliminate it; and even if I can’t, I will go out of my way to use an alternative instead.

  2. Statement is very flawed
    it default browser Built into the OS
    and removing it would affect other things built into the OS
    for apps that use Edge HTML

  3. Not necessarily. Make system backup’s and you can experiment (and learn) without harm. In this case, removing Edge hasn’t affected anything else at all (good riddance!) – although the same cannot be said for IE. IE, unfortunately, cannot / should not be removed. But going back to my initial post — MS actually drives me to using various 3rd party apps – like Firefox browser. NO IE or Edge for me.

  4. Sure you can use any third party Browser.
    I use Firefox/Edge myself.
    but edge has his it place in the OS/app that uses uses its rendering engine.
    IE for businesses/ legacy Support

  5. Yes, it works in some cases but not all. It’s observed that after sometime the problem appears again. Hence, I have suggested an alternate method to this.

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