StNotepad, a transparent Notepad for Windows

StNotepad is an intuitive, semi-transparent notepad freeware application for Windows that allows you to type opaque text over transparent window – so, you can type while seeing what’s behind the window! StNotepad gives you a way to taking notes in an non-intrusive way while focusing on another window or application.

StNotepad supports unique hand gestures for multi-touch devices.

Another unique feature is URL auto-linking. so you can copy paste URLs of sites on notepad when visiting useful sites and save it as txt file. When you want to visit the URLs, you can click on them to open in the Web browser directly.



StNotepad also supports dragging and dropping of text instead of Cut and Paste as in Windows  Wordpad.

Home page :  StNotepad.

There is also an enhanced version for users with multitouch laptops or tablets, StNotepad Touch. While it is not free, TWC readers can put in a request here to get it FREE!

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  1. Lee@TWC

    I like this. Saw it last week on a blog and had thought of writing an application similar.

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