Sticky Tiles App For Windows 8

Gone are the times when we used to write our to-do lists and reminders on yellow sticky pads. In this progressive era we have many apps to do the same. There are many sticky-note-style reminder apps out there, but Sticky Tiles brings a lot of handy features in one package, making it worth a try on your Windows PC. Sticky Tiles is a small app designed for the Windows 8 operating system which allows users to create their to-do lists, reminders and notes and stick them directly to their Start Screen as customizable Tiles.

If you have been using the built-in Sticky Notes software on your Windows 7 | 8 PC, you will love using the Sticky Tiles app on your Windows 8 computer system. Moreover, Sticky Tiles is one of the best alternatives for the original sticky notes in Windows.

Sticky Tiles for Windows 8.1

You can install the Sticky Tiles app from Windows 8 Store and once it is installed you will get a live tile of “Sticky Tiles” on your Start Screen.

sticky notes

The app is ready to use right after installation and you can start creating the live tiles for your to-do list, reminders, and notes.

The main overview is very clean and simple. You can choose the size, color and type of the tile and pin it to your Start Screen.

sticky tiles

The app lets you create a sticky note with a title and a text message, detailing the information. You can also select the background color for your tile. You can always edit your Sticky Tile and also unpin the tile from Start screen or turn is OFF. Just click on the tile and the main overview of the app will pop-up allowing you to update the tile and edit the note.

Sticky Tiles App For Windows 8

Sticky Tiles is a simple app for Windows 8 PC and works smoothly. The free version of tool displays advertisements and if you want to remove ads, you have to pay 80 INR for it.

Overall, Sticky Tiles for Windows 8 is a simple application, which helps you creating customized live tiles for your notes. Login to your Microsoft account and download Sticky Tiles.

Do let us know how you like it.

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