Sticky Password Pro Review & Download

Now taking care of, storing and securing your important accounts, passwords, notes, and identities will be a lot easier with Sticky Password Pro. You might have already read about Sticky Password Free, but this post will talk about the PRO features of the software. Sticky Passwords Pro offers more! It includes support for iPhone, Account grouping, Professional customer support and lets you use your Bluetooth device to lock and unlock Sticky Password. The Pro version is not free, but at its price, it is the best password manager,  online form filler, and identity manager out there with all those useful features.

Sticky Password Pro Review

Sticky Password Pro Review

To start with, Sticky Password Pro has superb browser integration – for almost all the browsers. This lets you seamlessly log in to your web accounts, without entering your Username and Password.

Another feature I discovered in the Pro version was that it allowed grouping of your different accounts. Grouping lets you reshuffle your different accounts into your own created groups which make it easier for you to find your saved account in just a second.

In the Pro version, there are no storage limitations – you can store unlimited accounts that contain your username, passwords, login links, etc. You can also create unlimited identities with Pro version of Sticky Password. Identities are basically the files which carry your all personal information and can be used to instantly fill up sign-up forms, comment forms, etc.

Sticky Password Pro offers more security. It offers you 3 more different methods to authorize Sticky Password. One of the best methods to authorize Sticky Password is by using Bluetooth. As an example, if I make my Bluetooth phone the authorization device for  Sticky Password, whenever I want to unlock Sticky Password, my phone needs to be in the PC’s Bluetooth range. I will then be able to make my phone lock or unlock Sticky Password Pro.

Another authorization method is by using a USB drive or a portable hard drive. In this authorization method, some data is stored on your USB drive, and every time you would like to log into your PC  a notification will pop-up which will allow you to enter your PIN that you created while choosing your desired USB drive.

The last option is actually not recommended by us, and we have no idea why this has been offered to the users.  This option will let you keep Sticky Password unlocked every time, and anyone using the computer can access the password databases.

You can also create USB portable password drives, so that wherever you go, you can carry along all your passwords, identities, memos and bookmarks. There are no limitations with the Portable feature of the software, as you can carry along unlimited data.

Sync features between your desktop versions and portable version are also available so that your portable versions keep updating with your desktop version of Sticky Password.

Sticky Password also comes with a great password generator which is really good. The random passwords generated by the password generator look really very hard to crack. It also remembers the history of passwords you generated using this password generator.

I’ve loved using the Pro version of the software and am sure that you will also find it useful.

Sticky Password Pro Download

Click here to buy StickyPassword Pro. The Pro takes out all the limitations and gets you some cool extra features. I would consider this Password Manager and  Online Form Filler, to be among the best one in this price range.

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