Step-by-step Guide: How to register and submit a Windows Phone app into the Marketplace

We have already seen the complete procedure that is required to be carried out before your Windows Phone application reaches the MarketPlace. This article will show you how to register and submit a Windows Phone app into the Marketplace, in a step-by-step manner.

Windows Phone is “in” and so is creating apps for the Windows Phone platform. The completed apps are to be submitted at the AppHub and they later are available to download from the Windows Phone Marketplace after getting certified. Here, we shall look at the various steps on how to submit apps for the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The very first necessity is that you should possess a valid Windows Live email account (For students, a valid Dreamspark account is also needed). And yes, for those who have never opened the AppHub but posses the above, need to first complete the profile settings at the AppHub. After doing the same and signing in via your Windows Live credentials, you will be redirected to a page which may look like the one below.

  • Click on ‘Submit for Windows Phone‘ to start the process of submitting your Windows Phone App. The following page will show up.

1. Enter the name of your app. (The App will be referred by this particular name in the Marketplace)

2. Upload your app file which must be compressed into .xap format.

3. Enter the version number of your app. (For new submissions, the version number is usually 1. For updates, it need to be incremented)

  • Click on Next to complete the first stage and move on to Describe more about your app.

  • This step needs you to enter the basic essential information about your app which in turn are displayed on the Marketplace as App info.
  • There is a whole list of categories such as education, sports, news etc. Select an appropriate one for your app. For a few categories, you may also need to enter a sub-category.

  • Enter the Short description and Detailed description as required(4).
  • Keywords help the users in locating your app in the marketplace. Hence enter effective and valid keywords for your app.
  • The Legal URL denotes the official web address related to your app.

5. In case of any bugs or errors in the app, the Windows Phone support team shall connect with you via the Email Address you provide for app support.

6. Now comes the artwork. You need to upload image tiles for your app in specific pixel dimensions : 173*173 , 99*99  and 200*200.

  • A background app image also needs to be uploaded of 1000*800 pixels.

7. While visiting your app profile on the Marketplace, a few screen-shots of your app will be displayed for the viewer to get an idea about the app. You need to submit a minimum of one screen-shot and a maximum of 8 screen-shot images in 480*800  pixel dimension.

  • Hit Next to move on to the next step, i.e. Price.

8. It is here where you can either define the price of your app or set it as Free. You may also select specific countries as per your requirements.

  • Click Next.

  • Here, you can describe your test conditions or anything in specific which you need to convey to the Windows Phone Testing team about your app.

9. You need to select your mode of publishing the app.

  • This is the last step in the submission process and your app will be successfully submitted (a message will be displayed on the next screen) once you hit the Submit button.
  • After the submission process, you can keep a track of it via the Lifecycle which appears as below after just completing the submission process.

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