Safe Startup: Review, Manage, Control Windows startup applications

Is your PC slow to start-up? Then you must try Safe Startup, earlier called Startup Guard. Safe Startup is a free utility that lets you manage applications that automatically start with Windows. There are some hidden applications that may automatically start with Windows and may use the resources thus making the Windows start-up time longer. But with Safe Startup you can remove or disable all those unwanted programs and files, that slow down your PC.

Safe Startup

Startup Guard or Safe Startup, lets you review all the startup applications and approve them or reject them. You can also save the data in the form of databases too. When you run Startup Guard, you will see a fresh and clean interface. The left panel has links to certain operations that you can carry out, and the right panel shows you the applications that run when Windows boots.

Startup Guard

From the right panel you can click any of the program to view details and review it. After you open a particular program you can see options like:

  • I have made no decision yet: If you go for this option, the program will perform as it was doing earlier. No changes may occur in its functioning.
  • I approve it, leave it as is: This option lets you approve the program to run at startup. Now this program would run every time Windows Starts.
  • I reject it: This option lets you reject the program and disable it from running in the startup. This option has further two more operations that are, you can delete startup record for that file and close the file if it is currently running.
  • Just Now: Delete startup record: With this option you can immediately delete the startup records for that application.

No worries if you have mistakenly deleted the startup record or done something wrong, you can Undo your changes from the undo option available in the left panel. From the left panel you can also view the file properties and find according answers on the internet.

By default, the application creates two databases, one that contains information about the approved applications (white list) and the other one for rejected applications (black list). From the database menu you can clear these lists, or you can remove some files from them. Removing files from the database will again make their status as ‘Unknown’.


You can also create your own startup records from EXE files. And under Settings, you can manage when the program should monitor startup records. There are some other simple settings too.

Startup Guard is a great application that has a lot of use in this world full of crapware, toolbars and malware that installs secretly with some other programs on your PC making your PC’s startup time slower than anything.

Click here to download Safe Startup.

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