Start Screen Customization Apps For Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 comes with a 3-sized tiles layout on the start screen. Put it to the best possible use using some of these apps that will help you customize the start screen of your Windows Phone 8, making them more productive.


Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Customization Apps



Tiles is a simple and easy to use app for Windows Phone 8 that lets you create custom tiles on your start screen. Tiles allows you to create custom tiles and assign specific action to it. It also offers ability to create live tile that changes its background after specific time interval. There are few pre-created tiles in the app that includes – Cellular settings, Airplane mode, Compose email, Search, Send SMS, WiFi settings, Bluetooth settings and many more.

Tiles is available on Windows Phone Marketplace for FREE!

Note Tiles

Note Tiles

Note Tiles as the name says is an app that allows you to make custom tiles to use it as a note. A standard tile has space for 100 characters. With Note Tiles you can use this space to write custom notes and pin it to the start screen as a tiled-note.

Note Tiles is available on Windows Phone Marketplace for FREE!


Connectivity Shortcuts

ConnectivityShortcuts is a shortcut app which gives quick access to the connectivity settings right from the start screen. It has four connectivity shortcuts within it that includes – Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular. You can pin any of it to the start screen which will take you to the respective settings page without going into settings app. It also shows the current state of Cellular and Wi-Fi tile, whether enabled/disabled.

ConnectivityShortcuts is available on Windows Phone Marketplace for FREE! It is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices as well.


My Tile Maker

MyTileMaker is a customized tile maker app that will help you create your own custom tiles and serve it for various functions. With MyTileMaker you can create and pin unlimited memo, lists and image tiles to the start screen. It allows you to split an image into multiple tiles and also add reminders to the memo tiles. Tiles can be created with various colors or also by matching the current theme. There is a PRO version of this app available on the Marketplace which is a paid app and works without advertisements.

MyTileMaker is available on Windows Phone Marketplace for FREE! It compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 devices.

Cellular Live Tile

Cellular Live Tile

Cellular Live Tile displays your phone’s current network status live on the start-screen. It is an easy and simple app for those who switch their SIM cards or roam often. This app creates a double wide tile that displays the phone’s current status like Network, Data, Speed, Roaming and Operator. It also offers customization options to make the tile appear with the elements you want.

Cellular Live Title is available on Windows Phone Marketplace for $1.99. Try it before you buy it.

These are some of the best apps, let us know if we missed any.

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