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Start My Day automates daily Windows tasks

We are pleased to release Start My Day application for Windows 7 & Vista. Start My Day is a first of its kind freeware process launcher for Windows users. Simply put, Start My Day is for those users who hate going through the same process each day, loading this and that.

UPDATE 06th Aug: Start My Day v2 has been rewritten completely to give it a new look, user interface and more features.

About Start My Day v 2.0: Here are the new features added to this version:

With Start My Day, a user can pre-configure a list of applications web links and music to automatically load using an Alarm clock. A user also has the option of running them manually from the list. The application supports dragging and dropping items to the list as well as browsing for items.

The software has three tabs or lists. The App list, Web list & Music list.

The Application List will only accept .exe files currently.

The Web List will only accept .url files which can be  found in your Favorites folder.

The Music List will only accept .mp3 files. The playlist is saved in WPL format. Players that play the WPL Playlist type are Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC, etc.

The save settings for all items are stored in the following location: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Start My Day.

The app may get some time getting used to but, but once you get the hang of it, you will find that since it automates most of the things you do daily, it makes computing that much easier for you!

Start My Day  v 2.0 has been developed by Lee Whittington for the Windows Club and has been tested on Windows 7, but may work on other Windows versions too.

If you require help or wish to give feedback please visit The Windows Club Forum’s Feedback Thread.

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