Freeware to add Start Button & Menu to Windows 8


  1. I have to disagree on your initial comment “While most have liked the Start Screen, there are some who have not.”. From what I’ve seen, it’s the other way around: Some like the Start Screen, most do not. 🙂 I personally am split. On a touchscreen, I love it – it’s what a touchscreen device should be. 100x better than using Win7 on a touchscreen. But, on a laptop with a touchpad, no way. Desktop with mouse and keyboard – sure. It’s doable. Not perfect, but not bad by any means.

    Thanks for the list. I need to find one that fits my needs. I use the Smart Screen for most things, but there are times when I’m in Desktop view and don’t want to go hunting for the program just to be thrown back into desktop view where the Win7 native app is executed.

  2. why would I want to use the old start menu? This new tile interface is more of what I use on other devices and with the cloud it seems to integrate more intuitively. I think so anyway. It took some getting used to but the change is good.

  3. hit the Windows key and R and the run box opens. Also the left side of the screen becomes like a task bar, all your running apps will have switchable windows there if you hover over top left and slide down you see them all.

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