Stand-Bye software lets you configure Windows Sleep mode and save power

Stand-Bye is an innovative freeware designed to turn your Windows computer eco-friendly. As the name suggests, Stand-Bye puts your computer in standby mode when not in use, the program can be configured and adjusted to your needs. Statistics reveal that by using this tool you can actually save power and money, and that too for free. The tool solves a very genuine problem and prevents wastage of power when you leave your computer idle for hours.

Stand-Bye software for Windows

Stand-Bye software for Windows

Stand-Bye is very simple to use; you can download it as a portable application or in a conventional installer format. Once installed and running, you can choose the time after which the computer should be put into standby mode, you can choose very precisely in minutes and seconds unlike the inbuilt power saving option in Windows.

There is a Presentation Mode available that disables Stand-Bye and prevents the computer from going into standby while you are giving your important presentations. Under ‘Threshold’ menu you can choose the threshold amounts below which the computer can be sent to standby. If average usage is greater than that threshold amount, the standby will be prevented, and the computer would keep running as it is. This feature prevents resource needing processes to be interrupted.

Stand-Bye Threshold

Stand-Bye comes with another additional feature that prevents standby while you are watching movies or listening to songs, this feature can be found under the ‘Threshold’ menu. Moreover, you can even choose a time when all the thresholds can be ignored, and the standby can be performed. You can even create exception processes, if any one of the exception processes is running the standby will be prevented.

Under the Advanced Settings, you can configure a few additional settings. You can choose standby mode, there are two standby modes available, ‘Hibernate’ or ‘Suspend’. The default and recommended is ‘Suspend’.

You can also add processes to the Exception list, and prevent Windows from entering the Standby mode.

You can even enable ‘Start with Windows’ so that you do not need to run the application every time on Windows startup. Furthermore, you can enable Logging, scan for updates, etc.

Stand-Bye Settings

Stand-Bye is a great tool that helps you configure and fine-tune Windows Sleep mode, with the intuitive concept and amazing customizability. It can be configured to meet anyone’s needs. You can save power as well as money by using this tool. There is a savings calculator designed by the developers of Stand-Bye that lets you calculate the money that you can save using Stand-Bye. There are statistics available which confirm that power can be actually saved using this tool.

The tool is available in English and German, but the content on the website is in German, so you may use Google or Bing Translate to translate the entire page into English.

Click here to download Stand-Bye software for your Windows PC.

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