StalkFace and StalkScan help you understand your Facebook friends better

When the social networking sites started years ago, users would hardly spend a few minutes or an hour a day uploading their photos, quotes or speaking out their mind. But it isn’t the same now.

Now, Social media has become an addiction for many and Facebook is life for most of its users. The purpose of the website isn’t limited to sharing random photos and quotes from earlier times. Now people use it for networking, business, venting out emotions, making new friends, finding like-minded friends in groups, social activism, spreading the news – including fake news, , forming opinions and what not. Rather Facebook is so important that most young entrepreneurs manage their business from the social media site itself.

The fact that most users have spent years on Facebook translates into huge archives for each one of their profile. If their Facebook friends need to monitor their behavior on the site or find their uploads, they might have to scroll hundreds of pages. Even more, if someone has to scan a friends profile for business reasons, like finding concerned groups – it would be difficult!

This is where these two apps StalkFace and StalkScan might sound helpful. Though their name starts with the word ‘stalk’, it isn’t about stalking anyone on Facebook, but accumulating and classifying data of friends who have already connected with you on Facebook.

StalkFace classifies the data of Facebook friends

StalkFace and StalkScan website accumulates and classifies the photos your friend has engaged with, stories your friend has written, liked or commented on, pages, groups and events your friend has been associated with and the places your friend has visited.

All one has to do is copy the link of the friend’s Facebook profile or any photo on his profile and hit ‘stalk’. In some cases, it gives an error when you copy a photo on the field because that photo is private to you as a friend. Thus, the best option is to copy the link to the person’s profile.

StalkScan gets public information Facebook doesn’t let you see

Unless the purpose is to check your friend’s pictures, etc., StalkFace might not be as helpful this broader web app StalkScan which covers almost everything on the Facebook friend’s profile. sorts out all of the user data like his profile details (gender, age, relationship status, etc.), tags, comments, likes, places visited, people connected with and interests. StalkScan

After copying the link of the friend’s profile, click on the search bar in front of the field. It will load the data of the person’s profile in a fraction of a second and it could be could as per the classifications mentioned.

A major limitation of these tools is that they while we are checking the data of Facebook friends (checking an unknown person’s profile is a gray area legally), all the tools do, is arrange a Facebook profile’s publicly available data. In cases, that data might be quite insufficient. Most Facebook users add privacy to their accounts, and this restricts the search.

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