sRemote: Remote Control your Windows PC from your Gmail Account

Remote computing is now a lot easier with this new utility sRemote – especially if you are a Gmail user. This 38KB is basically a free remote control and management utility, that lets you control your PC via your Gmail account. It lets you start downloads, run any program, play any sound, take screenshot, kill a program, get files, move files, and more.

sRemote review

Once you’ve downloaded sRemote, you simply need to enter your Gmail username and password and you are done! When you email a command to sRemote, it will reply you with the result. For example, if you want to remotely see that which processes are running on your computer you can email that command to sRemote and you would definitely get a reply with complete list of process running on your PC.

There are many commands that can be used with sRemote.

With sRemote you can remotely:

  • Get the screenshot of the PC.
  • Shutdown, restart, log off your PC.
  • Execute a program or a file.
  • Display a message or sound a beep.
  • Get a list of processes running on your machines and kill them
  • Send an email or ping a server
  • Get the list of files in a directory
  • Delete, copy move a file or a folder, etc.

There are many commands that can be used with the freeware utility.

But there are some shortcomings of the program too, in my opinion. One thing I hate about this program is, it is poor design. The command buttons aren’t given proper names and there is no custom icon of the app. It still displays the Visual Studio icon and there are some others errors too in the design of the program. One more con I would say is that it can only be set up and configured with Gmail accounts. Non-Gmail users can’t use this application. To use this application, you will have to create a Gmail account. Rest of the application features are fine. The tool is really fast, responsive and just amazing. You can even minimize it to the system tray, so that it doesn’t interrupt you while you are using your PC.

This idea of creating such a software is simply good. It simplifies takes the remote computing and takes it to the next level. I would recommend you check this utility for remote computing as you can use this from any platform of devices. Email can be accessed from any phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

sRemote download

Click here to download sRemote.

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