SquadWatch: Location sharing Windows Phone app from Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage is  a community of employees, interns and teams from within the company who come together to turn any wild ideas into real projects. Microsoft Garage gives you early access to projects as they come to life. One such app from the Microsoft house is SquadWatch. As of now SquadWatch app is available for the United States region only. You will have to set your device region settings to United States in order to download this app on your Windows Phone.

The SquadWatch app is similar to Find My Friends Location app available on iPhone. Find My Friends iPhone app lets you find how far your friends are from you. SquadWatch too, borrows the same concept with a few additional integration tweaks.

SquadWatch Windows Phone app

SquadWatch app provides real-time location information for people you follow, detailed directions to contacts’ locations. In addition to location tracking, Microsoft has also deeply integrated features like Calling and Messaging into the app.   SquadWatch Windows Phone app

How does SquadWatch work

You will have to verify your phone number in order to get started. Any member in your contacts list can send you an invitation. The person who accepts your invitation, can access following information in realtime:

  • Current location
  • Appointments like meeting
  • Arriving to or departing from a location
  • If walking/running/in transit (motion)

Once the person is a part of your squad, you can constantly track him/her. The person’s exact location can be tracked on the map. Showing a squad member on a Map view helps a user to pinpoint the exact location of the person. The detailed driving instructions on the map is an added cherry on the cake. Squad Watch 2 There are a few real life instances where this application can be of real use.

  • The application can reduce the time spent on texting someone to ask where they are or to know how long it would take for someone to reach a particular place.
  • SquadWatch helps to know if your spouse/partner are in a meeting before you place a call for them.
  • College crowd can make use of this application to chat with their classmates by checking if they’re in a class or not.
  • To track where your coworkers went for lunch.
  • Finding directions from your car to pick some one who is waiting for you.
  • A virtual agent that could make all your interactions with other people easier and smarter.

You can download SquadWatch Windows Phone app by visiting this link.

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