SpiderOak Free Online Backup offers maximum Privacy & Security

Today, people tend to back up everything on the cloud storage. There are hundreds of free and paid online backup storage & sync options available for out there. So why did I decide to review this website? Most of our concerns revolve around the data security of our files or photos that we upload. What makes SpiderOak so special is its new privacy policy called  ‘Zero-Knowledge’.


SpiderOak online backup service

According to the website ‘Zero-Knowledge’ means:

Your SpiderOak data is readable to you alone. Most online storage systems only encrypt your data during transmission, meaning anyone with physical access to the servers your data is stored on (such as the company’s staff) could have access to it. Or, even if your data is encrypted during storage, your password (or set of encryption keys) is often stored along with your data, thus making its easily decoded by anyone with local access to those servers. With SpiderOak, you create your password on your own computer – not on a web form received by SpiderOak servers. Once created, a strong key derivation function is used to generate encryption keys using that password, and no trace of your original password is ever uploaded to SpiderOak with your stored data. SiderOak’s encryption is comprehensive – even with physical access to the storage servers, SpiderOak staff cannot know even the names of your files and folders. On the server-side, all that SpiderOak staff can see, are sequentially numbered containers of encrypted data. This means that you alone have responsibility for remembering your password or ‘Password Hint’ (which you can create to help you remember) allowing SpiderOak to create a true ‘zero-knowledge environment’ – keeping your data as safe and secure as it can possibly be.

So in simple terms you and only you can see or access it – not even the staff that have access to the Server – so this means full privacy. Since there is so much going on this world regarding data security and privacy, the more the security, the better. By default SpiderOak gives up 2GB for free space which is more than enough for an average user to upload some photos, documents, etc. if you want to extend your storage, then you need to pay for it.

SpiderOak does support a lot of platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux – both 32 & 64-bit. It also supports Androids & iOS (iPad & iPhone), so that you can access the files anywhere you want them, using any OS or device.

The application that gets installed is pretty neat and straight forward.

SpiderOak online backup service

You have the Status tab, where you’ll find the entire activity logs of what got uploaded, what times, etc. Then you have the Backup tab, which helps you in defining or viewing the structure of the Drives, Files, and folders. There is also something called Share ID which let you share it with your friends, colleagues or clients.

SpiderOak online backup service

To conclude, it’s a decent software which offers one of the best privacy that you can get with a lot of flexibility in terms of supported platform. With the 2GB free for life, it’s a pretty sweet deal for the enthusiast who is willing giving it a try, and for users who are looking for a secure Cloud solution with maximum security.

SpiderOak download

If interested, you can sign up for their free plan and download the client at their official website.

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