Spencer: Classic Windows XP Start Menu for Windows 10/8

Windows 8 came with a few praises and many complaints, and the chief complaint was the missing Start menu and button. Although Microsoft released Windows 8.1 update on 17 October, bringing back the Start Button, it just takes users to an “All apps” view of Windows Metro Screen, instead of bringing back the Start menu. While many may ask, do you really need a Start Menu or Button for Windows 8, there are yet others, who miss the Windows 7 style or the Classic Windows XP style start menu in Windows 10/8, and want it back.

Classic Windows XP Start Menu for Windows 10

Seeing the numerous complaints about the web, many third party applications have come up with a Start Menu for Windows 8 users. Spencer is one such good application which bring back the Classic Windows XP Start Menu to Windows 10. It is a free tool which lets you enjoy the Windows XP style classic Start menu in your Windows 8 PC. Spencer works different from other start menu apps and assembles all the Start Menu entries like Control Panel, programs, accessories, camera, etc.spencer 1

It is a simple program, and you just need to download the ZIP file from below, extract the Application, make a right click and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’. Once pinned to the taskbar you can have access to all your Start Menu entries.

Classic Windows XP Start Menu for Windows 8

This simple program brings back the classic pop-up menu that Microsoft abruptly removed from its latest operating system Windows 8. Without interfering with the Windows 8 Start Page, this tool provides a decent experience of the Windows XP Start menu. It shows all the programs you have installed on your PC.

Furthermore, you can always organize the Start Menu by deleting the programs or by moving them into a new folder category.

You can simply delete the unwanted programs from “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs” in your Windows Explorer and make your Start Menu even more organized.

Spencer free download

For anyone looking simply to replicate the Windows XP Start menu, Spencer is the simplest and most flexible option. You can download it here.

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  1. donethatalready

    the Start Menu is not really much of a problem since there are so many 3rd party apps available. besides, that is mostly cosmetic. the REAL problem with Windows 8 and 8.1 is the complete takeover of the “default” programs that Microsoft has decided is the “right thing to do”. I DON’T like the new picture display program, so why is it set as default whenever a file is opened using the “open with” key? I prefer my VLC or my “Windows photo viewer” program to the “new” display, and yet I must constantly fight that Windows 8 tendency to re-assign “default programs” for all the different files. Leave my settings alone.

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