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SpeedUpMyPC contains a range of professional tools that promise to boost your Windows computer’s performance and make it run faster. It recommends changes to Windows to make it run smoothly and optimally, by installing Speed Tools, making operating system tweaks, disabling unused and unneeded processes, and cleaning up and defragmenting the Windows Registry.

SpeedUpMyPC Review

I decided to take the software for a run. I first created a System Restore Point and then downloaded the 5.7MB setup file and clicked on it to start the installation. To continue installing SpeedUpMyPC, you will have to click on the “Agree & Install” button.

The installation was very quick and smooth. There was no need to restart the PC.

The installed software will run as a scanner and will only scan your PC and show you the changes which it recommends. You can always uninstall the scanner version from the Control Panel. To make the changes you will have to buy SpeedUpMyPC. If you do decide to buy it, click on the Register Now button, enter your license serial and click on the Activate button.

Your SpeedUpMyPC is all set to go now!

The user interface is pleasant to loot at, intuitive and rather easy to use. The first thing you want to do after having installed is to click on the Start Scan button. Incidentally, you may click on the images to see their larger versions, should you wish to see the details.

The scan will start! The first scan may take a while, so you may have to be patient.

Speed Up My PC will scan for places where its Speed Tools will be able to boost performance. These Speed tools are special tools designed by Uniblue to improve your computer’s performance.

When switched on, the Speed tools will work automatically as long as SpeedUpMyPC is left running. Its CPU Manager will manage the CPU to ensure that runaway processes do not monopolize CPU resources. The Start Menu Software Accelerator will help speed up the launch speed for applications launched via the start menu or start screen.

The Proactive Thumbnail Generator will serve thumbnail data to disk for faster access. Normally, every time you open a picture folder, Windows generates the picture thumbnails used to provide a preview. With the Proactive thumbnail generator, upon folder access, your PC will conduct a one-time thumbnail generation process and save the relevant data to a Windows system folder. From then onwards, thumbnails will be quickly retrieved instead of generated. And finally its Software Launch Booster will help speed up application start-up.

The scan will also throw up results where some System Tweaks can be carried out so that your Windows can run faster. It offers System Resource Management tweaks, Boot and Shutdown tweaks, and Windows user interface tweaks.

You can see details of all the recommendations, by clicking on the View individual items details link. Do give special attention to the Windows user interface tweaks. You may not want to do away with all the eye-candy.

SpeedUpMyPC will identify Startup and Background processes you may not need, based on your usage pattern and recommend that you disable them. It will also identify Unused Windows Services for your computer which may be safe to disable.

You can see details of all the recommendations, by clicking on the View individual items details link.

And finally there is the Uniblue Registry Booster, which is now a part of SpeedUpMyPC. This scanner will list down obsolete and broken registry entries which you can delete. Once again, clicking on the View individual items will show you the details.

Once the full scan is completed, the results will be displayed.

SpeedUpMyPC review

The first time you are using SpeedUpMyPC on your Windows computer, I strongly recommend that you view all the individual items and entries, before you click on the Fix issues button.

Once you click on the Fix issues button, SpeedUpMyPC will back up the changes and then optimize and apply the fixes.

SpeedUpMyPC Review

By default, SpeedUpMyPC will apply all the fixes recommended. But if you wish, you can apply selected fixes too. To do so, from the scan results page, click on the category name. All optimizations for that category will be listed together with check boxes. Simply un-check any improvements you would like to ‘not apply’.

The best part about SpeedUpMyPC is that should you wish, you can click on the Manage tab to Undo or restore the changes from the backups anytime you wish.

PC Mechanic

SpeedUpMyPC also includes a module that can defragment your registry. Registry Defragmentation can help compress your registry to make it more efficient. You can schedule scans daily, weekly, monthly or never, and even decide if you want to launch this tool with every Windows start-up, by clicking on the Manage tab.

Home users and System Administrators may find that using SpeedUpMyPC can make their system running efficiently and can also use it to extend the life of their Windows installation. Do remember that we always recommend that you create a system restore point first, before making any changes to your system, so that you can always revert back should you find something not to your liking.

Before I conclude, let me state that we have been promoting SpeedUpMyPC, a shareware developed by Uniblue, a Microsoft Gold Partner for quite some time now, and a review of the software was long overdue. I did get some time today and so decided to take SpeedUpMyPC  for a run on my Windows 10 Pro RTM x64 and review it – the results sure impressed me!

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