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SoundGecko Windows Phone app: Listen to blog posts & documents

Just don’t have enough time to read documents, blogs or feeds?  How about a feature-rich freeware that can convert your blog posts and documents into audio, so that you can hear them while driving to work, during a coffee, or at the gym. SoundGecko lets you do just that.

Convert documents into Audio : Listen to websites, news and feeds

SoundGecko is a cool app for Windows Phone, that reads out your favorite stories and documents. You can send any webpage, articles from your mobile or laptop to SoundGecko and it will convert those documents into audio while you browse from your browser.

To test it, we dropped a URL into SoundGecko and it converted one of our blog posts into audio.

Clicking on the Listen to article now button, will display the web page and then read it out to us.

SoundGecko is particularly useful for your favorite websites where you visit regularly. You can add any RSS feeds to your playlist and those documents will appear automatically. For installing the application you first need to create an account with a username and password. This application works in combination with the desktop site. Any RSS feed which you want to automatically show up in your mobile inbox or playlist can be decided on the desktop site itself.

Other settings in SoundGecko allow you to change the voice of the reader. Also there is a chrome plugin that allows you to transfer any webpage directly to your playlist

Multi-tasking Option

SoundGecko has wonderful interface with iPhone, Android applications and Windows Phone. Windows Phone users you need to sign in with a Microsoft account on your phone before you can get applications from Windows Phone Store.


SoundGecko comes with two versions, FREE and PRO. The free version allows you to subscribe to one RSS feed and let you share up to 30 web articles with the maximum word limit of 4000 words. As you guessed the PRO version is a charged service, but at a nominal cost of $2.95 per month. It increases the RSS feeds to 100 with additional feature of reading PDF. With PRO version there is no limit on the number of web articles and the word limit is also extended to 30,000.

Even though the PRO version has more features to offer, there is no reason why a casual user won’t be satisfied enough with FREE version. So, unless you are a RSS hardcore the FREE version will serve you well.

SoundGecko Features

If you need more information you can visit the home page of SoundGecko.