5 must-have Software and Tools for Windows IT Professionals

As an IT professional, I am sure that you must be having your favorite set of must-have software which you cannot do without. Here is my list of some software I think an IT Pro must have at all times.

Must-have software & tools for Windows IT Professionals

Ultimate Boot CD  

Ultimate Boot CD assembles over 100 PC hardware diagnosis tools into one bootable CD to analyze and repair hard drives and boot problems.


Linux Live CD

Linux Live CD is a CD or DVD containing a bootable computer operating system. Live CDs are unique in that they have the ability to run a complete, modern operating system on a computer lacking mutable secondary storage, such as a hard disk drive. Live USB flash drives are similar to live CDs, but often have the added functionality of automatically and transparently writing changes back to their bootable medium.


SysInternals Suite

The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files. You could read more on this here.


Nirsoft Utilities

Nirsoft utilities are unique collection of freeware desktop utilities, system utilities, password recovery tools, components, and free source code examples.

NirLauncher is a package of more than 100 portable freeware utilities for Windows, all of them developed for NirSoft Web site during the last few years. You can now even integrate SysInternal Tools with NirSoft Ultilities. More on this here.

Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition

Paragon Rescue Kit professionally fixes boot problems as well as retrieves your data when your system fails to boot. It even rescues deleted partitions. All you need to do to achieve complete control over any situation is burn the software on your CD/DVD. In case of a system malfunction, caused either by a virus attack or file corruption, you can retrieve valuable information from your disks and copy it to another local drive, partition or save the data to CD/DVD. The File Transfer Wizard helps you to export data as easy and convenient as possible. Details here.

Take a look at Windows System Control Center too.

Have any more suggestions for inclusion? Do share in the comments.

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Shyam aka “Captain Jack” is a Microsoft MVP alumnus and a Windows Enthusiast with an interest in Advanced Windows troubleshooting. Suggestions made and opinions expressed by him here are his personal one's and not of his current employers. He blogs at captaindbg.com.


  1. Pete

    I like Hirens Boot CD too…

  2. isn’t http://www.hirensbootcd.org/ quite a good alternative for all of the above? it includes mini windows xp, parted magic ( mini linux ) and some( or alternatives of the other ones like sysinternals and nirsoft)?
    I’m just an individual with some experience with computers and one app that i can’t give up is sysinternals process explorer
    btw, which linux live cd is in the screenshot? i know ubuntu, knoppix, linuxmint, feodra, and it doesn’t seem like any.

    btw, keep the good work bro

  3. Stephen Harper

    Hiren’s, SysInternals, and NirSoft are the ones I always have with me.

  4. Also I would like to see people keeping a copy of Bootable Free malware cleaner from Microsoft – Standalone System Sweeper Beta1.

  5. I didn’t recommend Hiren’s Boot CD because there are many freeware and abandonware applications included on the boot CD; however, the CD also includes multiple pirated copyrighted programs from companies such as Symantec and Acronis to name a few. Considering it’s a warez TWC won’t recommend it.

    Hope this answers.


    a Linux Live-CD/DVD is always good to have, not only for emergencies but it´s also VERY useful of you want to copy windows “system-files” to another partition fx.
    normally your O/S refuse to copy some files, in such a case you can use Linux.
    then you can copy ANY file you want without any protests from the O/S…
    I´ve have used Knoppix Live-DVD when i have had the need to access a windows-partition.

    another thing that is VERY good to have on a CD / DVD / USB-memory is some standalone / command-line antivirus-scanners like fx. Emsisoft Emergency Kit: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/eek/
    it´s the same antivirus-scanner as Emsisoft AntiMalware (EAM), the only difference is that it doesn´t have any realtime-protection.
    EAM has a very high detection-rate, has recieved a lot of awards and is VB100-certified etc.
    it´s FREE, so go and get it…

  7. Thanks for the recommendation HACKERMAN1 ..! 🙂

  8. Scopio

    Lots of Malware reported on the NirSoft Utilities download launcher by EI 9 Sweep and McAfee Internet Security!!!!

  9. Foobar

    Scopio, its mostly false positives as many of these utilities contains some code that might seems similar to malware behavious like port scanning… Even Avira keeps on complaining about Cain & Abel…

  10. Link for Bootable Free malware cleaner from Microsoft – Standalone System Sweeper Beta1.

  11. Deepak

    v. good collection… keep adding

  12. Erwin Van Der Linder

    Nice tools

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