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Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, FormSpring and Google Plus, etc. are the most commonly used tool for the young adults to share their experiences and socialize, without knowing the potential threats on the web. Kids are unaware of the potential threats on the web, and what they do on their social network profiles can leave a huge impact on their lives. Parents actually cannot hover over the children’s shoulders all the time to check what they are sharing, whom they are adding and what they involve into. Spying on kids by logging into all their social networking accounts every day and checking for every detail is also not feasible or appropriate for parents.

SocialShield review


The best option is to use some Facebook parental control application like the one developed by Avira. Avira brings a wonderful app SocialShield which helps you in monitoring your child’s Facebook account without spying on them. You can keep an eye on all their activities without being a ‘Friend’ with them on your social profile. Furthermore you can also adjust the level of alerts for your child.


SocialShield tracks all of a child’s activities on social networking website and warns the parents when it detects any suspicious friends or any other suspicious activities on their profile. This is an impressive monitoring tool for parents to keep a check on their children’s social network profiles. This tool is very perceptively designed as it separates the important and unimportant activities very skillfully so that you may not get the continuous alerts for every small and inconsequential thing. It records everything so that you can check the details of every questionable activity on your child’s profile.

Avira Social Network Protection For Children

It is a very simple and easy application to use, and you just need to register in Avira SocialShield application through your Facebook account and add your child’s FB, G+, Twitter, and FormSpring account. The main overview page shows you all questionable activities with safety dial showing a green/yellow/red colors to report the child’s overall reputation score.

You do not need to install anything on your computer system as everything is recorded and stored online. It is a fully web-based service. The four safety engines of SocialShield (Activities engine, alerts engine, friends engine, and photos engine) look through all of the activities on all major social networks and present a comprehensive report to you. The report is regularly updated so that you can have a quick check on any of the questionable activities of your child.

  • Activities Engine – This safety engine reports you the entire activities of your kids done on these social networking websites including all his photos, discussions, and friends. In other words this is a kind of dashboard where you can see an archive of all your kid’s activities. If you want to check the details of his/her activities, you can check these safety engines separately.
  • Alerts Engine – Alerts Engine let you know about the inappropriate discussions in which your child is participating. It reports about all the discussions having offensive language, or discussion about abusive topics like sex, violence, alcohol, suicide, etc.
  • Friends Engine – This safety engine takes an extensive look at the friends’ list in your child’s profile. It sends you an alert when your child adds some adult to his friends list or someone with no mutual friends.
  • Photos Engine – This safety engine scrutinizes the entire photo albums of your child across all major social networks. It shows all the pictures posted by your child as well as their photos posted by others. This report is regularly updated with the most recent photos of your child.

SocialShield provides complete social network protection to your child and helps you keep track of your kids’ social network activities, whether you are on their Friend List or not. This tool seems to have been taken down – so take a look at these Security Applications to secure your Facebook account instead.

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