Social Password Decryptor: Recover Social Media Passwords

Social Password Decryptor like the name suggests is a utility to extract saved password of your popular social media site and export it to a text file or an HTML file. Why you need this tool? Well, most of us have the habit of saving the password when we create the account first and tend to forget those passwords. Now let us say you installed a different browser, and you want to log into the social site using this new browser. Instead of using the Forgot password option and resetting the password, this tool can just reveal them for you. Using this tool, you can recover lost or forgotten Social Media Passwords.

Recover Social Media Password Decryptor

Social Password Decryptor

Social Password Decryptor will need to be installed on your computer – it’s not a portable application. During the installation, Social Password Decryptor may offer to install third-party software, so remember to uncheck their options. Once the installation is complete, you can just open up the application and click on Start Recoveryand it will do it’s magic and give you the list. It supports most of the social media sites like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Myspace
  • Badoo

It also supports majority of the popular browsers and IMs like:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera Browser
  • Apple Safari
  • Flock Browser
  • Chrome SXS
  • Comodo Dragon Browser
  • CoolNovo Browser
  • SeaMonkey Browser
  • Google Talk
  • Paltalk Messenger
  • Miranda Messenger

According to the developer, the toll also offers command line options.  You can automate and copy the password list to HTML/XML/TEXT file. The command line syntax is SocialPasswordDecryptor.exe  “<output_file path>”

To conclude it a nice little utility with some neat features, but this tool can use for both good and bad. One of the reasons why I wrote this article is because of the involvement of people in social media and how this tool, not specifically this one, but any tool, can recover passwords and can work against you. It’s a good practice remembering the password and saving it some place safe like a password protected application, on your cell phone or something else. Because if you were to leave your computer unattended & unlocked, anyone can run a tool like this and recover the passwords. So be careful with your password habits.

You can download Social Password Decryptor from here.

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  1. ririn


    I have problem to login my path social network account, i forgot the password. I tried many times to reset it both with my android phone and my pc but i didnt receive any recovery mail from path yet either in inbox or spam folder.

    Is the application can help me to solve my problem?

    Thank you


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