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Nowadays, people often share and upload images to numerous social networking and image sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flickr etc. It has become an obsessions for many people. At some point, this is okay to utilize some social networking websites or image sharing websites to acquire wallpapers, quotes, etc. But this is definitely bad if it results in Social networking sites addiction, then it could be a problem. On the other handy, if you wish to close your account or just are thinking about creating a backup of your favorite images which you have uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, you can simply use Social Downloader.

Social Downloader

Social Downloader is a freeware for Windows, which can help you to download images and videos from Facebook and Instagram. Although Twitter is listed here, it is still under development.

Facebook provides an option to download a backup of your account, which includes all the posts that you have shared with your friends and have been tagged into. However, if you want to check and download some images from Facebook to your PC, you cannot do that with the provided option.

This is when Social Downloader comes to play. You can easily download either all or selected images and videos from Facebook and Instagram. Social Downloader is available for Windows 10 and earlier versions. There are no such special system requirements for this free tool.

Download content from Facebook and Instagram

This is very easy and not much time consuming. At first, download Social Downloader and install it in your PC. During the installation, you will get an option like this,

Download images and videos from Social Downloader

Note that, if you want to download videos from your account(s), you will have to install Video Downloader. Otherwise, you do not need that. To skip the Video Downloader installation, just remove the tick from checkbox and hit the Next button. After completing the installation, you will get a popup window like this,

Download images and videos from Social Downloader

You can add Facebook and Instagram account here. To add any account, just click on respective button, enter log in credential and authorize Social Downloader to fetch your images and videos.

Following that, you will get a window like this:

Download images and videos from Social Downloader

As this is an Instagram account, you can find Favorite tags, Like, Following etc. But, if you add Facebook account, you will get Tagged, Albums etc. If you are getting the aforementioned account, you can download images in bulk. For that, just select images and hit the Download Selected button. If you want to download all images, just click on Download All button.


If you want to keep using this freeware on a regular basis, there is no need to follow the following procedure. But, if you want to use Social Downloader for one time, you should revoke access of the app from your Facebook/Instagram account.

Facebook: If you have authorized Facebook account, just click on this link, select Social Download and hit the Remove App button.

Social Download revoke access on Facebook

Instagram: If you have authorized Instagram account, click on this link and click on corresponding REVOKE ACCESS button.

Social Downlaoder Revoke Access on Instagram

That’s it! If you like Social Downloader, you can download it from here.

Facebook Album Downloader is another similar tool that may interest you.

But did you know that you can download Facebook videos without any software?

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    You can certainly use this tool on Windows 10. In fact, this software is tested on Windows 10 (Pro – 64-bit). For more, please share the actual error you are getting while installing this tool.

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