Snow Transformation Pack for Windows 7 & Vista released


  1. no its actually not that bad, its cool, and can come in handy, if i want to fool someone i have a machine equal to the mac , or i am using a mac os ona pc, without and decrease in performance……

  2. ^ I agree Frank. Windows UI is not just beautiful but functionally superior too!

    The best part about the Windows OS is that it lets you do anything to it and customize it the way you want to. This pack and several such 3rd party themes gives customization enthusiasts an option to change it, if they want to. 🙂

  3. 🙁 i do like this one but………..
    the problem is the dock it doesn’t work properly. when i tried to add more item to the dock it has a message says: this program is not working properly and i tried to run again and again it still error.


  4. Question: anyone know, does this affect the whole system or can it be applied to only one account, for example..?

  5. Works like a charm… thanks a lot.. it s exactly wat i was looking for.. just a question: how can i bind the opened folders to an icon in the taskbar? is it possible? thanks

  6. This new S.L theme work great! The old S.L theme was so buggy!! Just install without 3rd party software then use it with ObjectDock Plus 2 and Rainmeter.

  7. kra eu sou brasileiro e , isso nao afeta o sistema operacional não?
    tem como eu mudar caso de algum erro?
    se sim responde e se nao responde.

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