Sneak Peek at some of the new upcoming advanced features of Hotmail M2

Hotmail keeps improving on its solid foundation providing faster performance achieved by caching emails, pre-loading messages, asynchronous operations, a virtually unlimited storage and several other innovative new features like:

Spam protection: Combating the spam aggressively, Hotmail reduced the Spam reaching Inbox from 35% in 2006 to less than 3% now. This was achieved by SmartScreen technology which makes use of connection-time filtering, content filtering, block list and safe-list preferences, time-traveling filters, and others to block spam from reaching your inbox. Proactively taking down and dismantling botnets. Actually global spam levels have gone down and stayed down since Microsoft helped take them out. Separating Spam from Graymail (Graymail is the name given by Hotmail to newsletters or product offers received from legitimate website). 75% of email reported as spam by people using Hotmail is actually graymail. And so Hotmail is introducing series of features to sort through graymail.

Security: Award winning Security features like Microsoft SmartScreen, Trusted Senders, Single Use Code, My Friend’s Been Hacked, Advanced Account Proofs have all made Hotmail a leader in email protection.

Experience: Better Hotmail experience everywhere by making it available on all major Smartphones with fewer ads. With the addition of Exchange ActiveSync and its proliferation across popular smartphone OSes, not only will users receive two-way sync with email, but complete calendar and contact sync. Hotmail is available on all major smartphones globally including Windows Phone, IOS, Android, iPhone, Blackberry.

It has already declared a war on graymail by allowing you a one-click unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, offering you scheduled cleanups permitting you to keep only the latest email from a given sender or a newsletter, delete messages as they get old or move messages to another folder as they get old.

Hotmail with all these features keeps on improving and now in its coming release will include a number of tools to make email better for even the most demanding user. Let us see some of these upcoming features which will be rolling out in Hotmail M2 release.

Email flagging – You will say the flags feature was already there. Yes its there but you might have noticed that after you flag a message to remind yourself for taking action later and many times you forget to do so as this message fell down in the Inbox as many new messages arrive. Now in the new version when you flag a mail, it’ll stay at the top of the Inbox , it gets pinned. So when its purpose is over just click the flag and it drops back with the rest of the mail.

Instant Actions – When you are in a hurry & want to check your Inbox in a jiffy then you can file or delete your mails with Instant Action. Instant Action Buttons appear as you hover over a message that let you delete, flag, mark as unread, sweep, etc. without opening the message.

You can also create custom Instant Action.

After saving the Custom Instant Action, its icon appears along with the default ones.In the new version of Hotmail, you can add/remove buttons, customize the order of buttons, or turn off Instant Actions altogether. Thus Instant Action makes your Inbox organised in a snap!

Categories – As much as 60% of your inbox is made up of newsletters. Hotmail will now assign these emails to a new category—”Newsletters”—so you can manage your incoming newsletters more easily with Sweep and QuickViews. You can of course create your own categories too, and categorize messages inline.

Sweep with Schedule Clean-up – Now you can use Sweep and set automated rules to file or delete at intervals you choose.

Scheduled Clean-up automatically lets you keep only the latest mail from a sender, or have their emails moved to a folder or deleted after 30, 60, or 90 days.

This makes it very simple to clean up the clutter.

These are just some of the features in the upcoming version of Hotmail. Hope to see them rollout in the coming weeks.

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