Smart Shopping on Windows Phone 7.5

Grocery Server and Smart Shopping announced a team-up early this week and they came up with a mobile app for the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. So what exactly is this app ? The application is named as Smart Shopping and primarily integrates the Grocery server API to update the user with all the latest and hottest sales in neighborhood, certainly helping shoppers to save both time and money on great deals.

Talking about Grocery Server – it is the largest grocery marketing platform in the world. It has a large number of tie-ups with groceries across United States. It serves grocery deals, seasonal sales, discount offers, relevant advertising and much more across the country and has a high fan following of 60 million.  Grocery Server can direct you to the store that sells your favorite brand at discounts as well.

Smart Shopping helps take the grunt work out of your shopping experience. The application comes with extremely easy to use interface. You can accomplish more with less time and money. The  Features such as  list sharing, an easy-to-use item suggestion menu, hyper-relevant store specials in your local area, shopping history, favorites lists, an advanced store manager that lets you create different aisles and product lists for different stores, and much more!

Windows Phone puts people at the center of the smartphone experience and Smart Shopping is a great example of how Windows Phone apps can make an age-old task, like grocery shopping, easier. Smart Shopping is an example of how developers can use the unique capabilities of the latest version of Windows Phone to turn their app ideas into a reality,” said Todd Brix, Senior Director, Windows Phone Marketplace at Microsoft.

The next major update will include barcode scanning, new and improved list scrolling, a new general purpose shopping area and, just in time for the holidays, a gift list helper to get you through Black Friday and beyond!.

Smart Shopping app is currently rated 8.67 on 10 and is available as a free download.

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