Smart Defrag, 1st free Disk Defragmenter for Windows Apps

Fragmented files on your hard disks are considered  to be one of the reasons behind your PC’s slow performance, long boot times, erratic restart, and sometimes even disk failure. That’s the reason why your favorite games take ages to load, application hangs up regularly and the overall working of your PC is slow. To fight this natural fragmentation process, Windows 10/8 includes a built-in Disk Defragmenter which does a pretty decent job.

Defragmentation is nothing but the process of moving the data that belong to individual files next to each other so that they can be accessed and loaded faster. In its latest version, Smart Defrag does all this and now even offers to defragment all the Windows Store apps too.

Smart Defrag 3

Smart Defrag Review

IObit Smart Defrag  is a free, light, smart and stable disk defragmenter, provides users with efficient defragmentation and optimization of hard drives to enhance disk stability and PC performance. Trusted by more than 25 million users the latest version Defrag 3 comes with Windows Metro App, a feature exclusively for Windows 8 and Windows 10/8.1 users, focuses on the defragmentation of Windows Store Metro App, which is the first in the market to enhance the accessing speed of Windows 10/8 Windows Store Modern or Metro apps and disk stability for free.

The latest version comes with the following features:

Accelerated Defrag speed

Smart Defrag is equipped with a new disk defrag engine that accelerates defragmentation speed by 50% as compared to earlier versions. The defragmentation of Windows 8 Metro App, by defraging the log files created by users’ everyday use, is tailored for Windows 8 users to accelerate the accessing speed of Windows 8 metro apps. Hence full support to newer versions of Windows like Windows 8 and Windows 8.1/10 is possible with Smart Defrag.

Enhanced efficiency and optimized disk performance

With Deep Analyze, detection and cleaning of junk files can be done at lightning speed before the defragmentation. This not only save defrag time but also adds life to the drives. Smart Defrag 3 streamlines file systems, optimizing frequently used directories into the fastest area of the disk allowing the programs to respond at faster speed.

Always On feature

Smart Defrag has an effective Always On feature and does not interrupt other processes. It quietly works in the background analyzing, and keeping your computer fragment free.

Customized GUI interface

Smart Defrag allows users to adjust the size of its GUI interface by direct dragging the border to best fit for their screen. So the interface can be arranged as per your liking.

Reduced memory usage

With the redesigned UI adopting the PNG sequence technology, Smart Defrag uses lesser memory and system resources for defragmentation.

Boot Time Defrag – Technology

Smart Defrag uses new Boot Time Defrag technology, which allows you to defrag files during the system boot process, while these files cannot be defragged or are not safe to move after the system is already boot-up.

The main application window presents a clear cut look with all volumes, Metro apps and plugged in devices displayed in a list. As shown below, you can view their status, free/total size, type of file system, automatic defrag and boot time defrag status.

 Smart Defrag 3

When you choose to defrag there are 4 methods to choose from.

  1. Defrag Only
  2. Defrag and Fast Optimize
  3. Defrag and Fully Optimize
  4. Defrag and Prioritize Files: Please note that this is the slowest process, but the most effective one. Through this method you can prioritize the drive data for maximum performance and long lasting data contiguity.

 Smart Defrag 3

One of the better ways to start a defrag, is to first analyze the drive with Analyze function.

 Smart Defrag 3

As shown above, you can choose from either Quick Analyze or Deep Analyze. Once analyzed, you can see the Recommendation and the Report.

To see the available Junk on the disk, click on View Details.

 Smart Defrag 3

Under View Details, as shown below you can view the Junks on your disks and clean them by clicking on to the Clean tab.

Smart Defrag 3

You will notice that automatic defrag is enabled for the system drive as default. But you can enable it for any drive as long as it does not link Metro apps, custom files or folders.

Smart Defrag 3

Boot Time Defrag is a unique function. It performs defragmentation on selected drives at every start up to ensure faster performance. You can also set it to defrag page file, hibernation file and Master File Table.

Smart Defrag 3

The last tab, Report, generates useful reports. When you click on this tab, HTML files are generated containing useful details such as used and free space on the disk, defragmentation requirement, the method applied, the list of directories, fragmentation rate, start and end time.

The General Setting tab is located on the top right hand corner of the main application window. You can choose from variety of setting here that includes Defrag, Disk Cleanup and User Interface.

 Smart Defrag 3


Smart Defrag is a powerful defragmentation freeware application. The new version occupies lesser memory space and at the same time is loaded with additional features such as New Disk Defrag Engine, New Metro Style UI, Enhanced Logs and Intelligent Prioritize Files Function.

My personal opinion is that when you use this version you instantly notice considerable improvement in the defrag efficiency. Indeed a must application for every PC user.

Smart Defrag download

You can download Smart Defrag from here.

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  1. Anonymous

    And why exactly do Modern UI apps require special support? Any defragmenter that uses the Windows APIs will be able to defrag their files. It is just a marketing gimmick.

  2. Ankit Gupta

    Yes any defragmenter could defrag files but here we have to look at the other aspects like speed, system response while defragmenter is running, memory usage and all. This is where the difference lie as far as Smart Defrag 3 is concerned.



  4. Rodolfo

    I Facino the Smart Defrag.
    and the release of RAM.

  5. JebEldridge

    What about UltraDefrag? Doesn’t it defragment Modern Apps and the Modern App directory by default, anyways?

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