SlimComputer, a cloud based freeware, removes crapware from your new Computer

New computers come pre-loaded with promotional software, ad links, toolbars and trial offers. SlimComputer uses crowd-sourced feedback to make optimization recommendations for your computer. It removes unneeded programs, start-up entries and services and slims down your new machine to make it run fast and clean like it’s supposed to.


If you’ve ever gotten a new PC and it came loaded with promotional programs, toolbars, links to advertising or trial offers, then you know how frustrating these things can be. Like PC DeCrapifier, SlimComputer can help you remove crapware.

SlimComputer uses community-sourced feedback to get up-to-the-minute recommendations for any PC.  Instead of using occasional updates to evaluate optimizations, SlimComputer has a real time stream to an online network, called a cloud. By accessing this contributive data cloud, SlimCleaner can get the latest reviews of software, services and toolbars—no matter how new they are.

To get the latest profiles on all the new software, SlimComputer uses an online data cloud. This cloud is community-sourced, which means that it evaluates programs based on hundreds of ratings, some by tech professionals and others by users who’ve used the programs and want to tell others about them. When SlimComputer assesses your PC, it actively streams data to the cloud, telling it exactly what sort of programs are installed. The cloud then streams back an optimization plan, customized to that computer.

Home Page: SlimComputer.

Please note that it is currently a Beta version, and I have not tried the product yet!

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