Download Sleipnir Browser, a modern, social and a fast browser for Windows

Sleipnir Browser is a stylish, fast and a free alternative Browser for Windows. Based on HTML5 and the engine of Internet Explorer 9 (Trident), this browser can just load any type of webpage for you. It also supports WebKit rendering engine. The main feature of this web browser is that it is ‘Social’. It connects between different devices and it provides real-time sharing of bookmarks, settings and much more.

In Norse mythology, Sleipnir means an eight legged horse which runs very fast and the same is with Sleipnir browser. The browser runs very fast leaving behind the limitations of World Wide Web. Sleipnir was originally created in Japanese language and then was translated to English and Chinese.

The main UI kind-of resembles Mozilla Firefox. It just looks like a newer version of Mozilla. The one main feature of the browser is that it is touch-friendly and it accepts touch gestures. For example if you click the right-mouse button and drag the webpage to the left side, then you would be moved to the next tab, and vice versa.

The browser, as I mentioned earlier, is Social. To access these features, you can go to Fenrir Pass Connect and create a new account, after you have installed the browser, from the link provided in it. You will then be able to connect your account in Sleipnir to it. With these social features, all your bookmarks can be easily synced and shared to your social networks. They can be even be marked as ‘Read Later’ and stored into your DropBox or SkyDrive Folder. You can even select the Send to phone option so that the link can be sent to your phone.

Also, when you right-click the image or a link, there is an option to directly share that image/link with your social network. That makes the image or link sharing much easier!

Sleipnir also supports plug-ins which can be installed externally. The customization features available are just awesome. You can customize every inch of your browser depending on your needs.

After performing some tests on the browser, I came up with the point that this browser might appear like Mozilla Firefox but it acts like Google Chrome. So now you can imagine what can be done with the power of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If we talk about the customization features in Sleipnir, they are many. In the customization menu, there are three categories available: General, Appearance and Functions. From these three categories one can  manage all features you the browser very easily.

From your start page to the security options, you can just customize anything in your browser. There are rendering options also available where you can make your browser remember which engine to be used for rendering, while loading a website. For e.g. if I want to be open in the Internet Explorer 9 compatible format, I would need to add the website URL and select the rendering engine.

Click here to download Sleipnir browser, and let us know what you think.

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