Best Sleeves and Cases for Microsoft Surface RT

Made out of the magnesium shell the housing of Microsoft Surface RT is sturdy. On the front there is Gorilla Glass 2, this is another tough wonder. Having made from these two elements the Surface RT seems strong enough.

While shocks and bumps will not affect the internals, they may affect the shiny cosmetics and the exteriors. Eventually, your tablet will lose its gloss. This is the reason you need a case or a sleeve to carry your new tablet. Here are some of  the best sleeves and cases available for Surface RT tablet.

Sleeves and Cases for Surface RT

Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve

Incipio has made a sleek and simple looking sleeve that is perfect to carry Surface RT anywhere. Made using Nylon, this sleeve has padding from inside that ensures protection for the tablet. It has a soft cushion on the surface made of faux-fur lining giving it a real eye-caching appeal. It is constructed with a zipper that allows easy opening and closing of the sleeve.

Along with the tablet it has the housing to reside few small accessories like the power adapter and the mouse. Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve for Microsoft Surface RT is available in various colors like Red, Cyan, Black, White and Magenta.

Incipio Nylon Sleeve is available for $43.99.

Nixon Surface Sleeve

Nixon Surface Sleeve is probably the best option for the Surface, if you need some extra room for accessories. Made with EVA high density foam padding and Dura-plush lining it provides good protection to the tablet. The exterior is made with nylon that gives it a superb finish and good looks.

It has an exterior pocket to manage your accessories and cables. The charger and additional accessories together do not fit so comfortably. Carrying it is very easy as it comes with little handles. Neoprene panel make it easier to store it along with the keyboard. It is perfect for day use, but I will not suggest it for traveling unless you have few accessories.

Nixon Surface Sleeve is available for $49.99 at the Microsoft Store.

BusinessCasual Leather Cover Case for Surface

The KaysCase BusinessCasual Leather Cover Case for Microsoft Surface Tablet is available in Magenta, Black, Red and Cyan,  for RT as well as Windows 8 tablets. It is designed and made specifically for the 2012 version of Microsoft Surface10.6 inch Tablet and offers a high quality PU leather exterior and Micro Fiber Interior. Its precise cut-outs allow accesses to all controls and buttons. It is conveniently designed for the tablet and the keyboard and comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

KaysCase BusinessCasual Leather Cover Case is available for $14.99 and looks pretty cool!

WaterField Tablet Ultimate Sleeve Case

Ultimate Sleeve Case from WaterField has already received many testimonials for providing a perfect Sleeve case for many tablets in the market. Now, the company has introduced one for Surface RT, as well.

The interior of the sleeve made of nearly indestructible ballistic nylon shell. So you can be confident that this sleeve will ensure maximum protection. The exterior cushioned with high-grade neoprene that gives superior look to it. The case is lined with Ultra-suede material that is scratch-free so this will retain the look of the case. It is custom-built with the high quality leather and a shoulder strap.

Having a slim make, it will not be able to carry any accessories along with the tablet. So this is a pricey piece of everyday carrying case. WaterField Tablet Ultimate Sleeve Case is available at varying prices depending on the customization at leading retail stores.

Microsoft Surface Soft Sleeve by Metric USA

It is a stylish sleeve made for Microsoft Surface RT. It is not rugged so does not offer complete protection from bumps and drops. It is a smooth and stylish cover with soft embossed design over it just to carry your Surface. Made with light and soft Metric66 material, it is available in four different vibrant colors.

Microsoft Surface Soft Sleeve by Metric USA is one of the reasonably priced sleeves available for $16.99.

VG Neoprene Sleeve Cover

It is a soft, understated and elegant cover for Microsoft Surface RT. It features a soft cushioned interior made with padded neoprene that protects the device from small drops and bumps. It has an exterior pocket that will carry small accessories like cables, chargers and memory card with it. It will suite the best for casual and everyday use.

VG Neoprene Sleeve Cover is another reasonably priced yet stylish sleeve available for $14.99.

If you want, you can also buy the Microsoft Surface Tablet Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector or HD Matte Anti Glare Bubble Free Screen Protector for Surface, to give yourself and the device additional protection.

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  1. Ian Denchasy

    I bought the Knomo Balham Surface envelope and love it. Really classy and rugged.

  2. yngvebn

    How’s that case in regard to accessories. I can see it’s a small pocket on the inside, but how much can it fit? Really just need it to fit the flat Arc Touch mouse and preferably the charger…

  3. Ian Denchasy

    Welllll, I wish I could say it’s good for accessories, but it’s definitely not. I have the flat Arc Touch Mouse and it fits that alright, but the power adapter makes it bulge out and defeats the elegance.

  4. yngvebn

    Thanks for the quick reply! I think elegant looks weigh in favor anyway. I can keep the charger in my jacket pocket 🙂

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