Best Sleeves and Cases for Microsoft Surface RT

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  1. Ian Denchasy

    I bought the Knomo Balham Surface envelope and love it. Really classy and rugged.

  2. yngvebn

    How’s that case in regard to accessories. I can see it’s a small pocket on the inside, but how much can it fit? Really just need it to fit the flat Arc Touch mouse and preferably the charger…

  3. Ian Denchasy

    Welllll, I wish I could say it’s good for accessories, but it’s definitely not. I have the flat Arc Touch Mouse and it fits that alright, but the power adapter makes it bulge out and defeats the elegance.

  4. yngvebn

    Thanks for the quick reply! I think elegant looks weigh in favor anyway. I can keep the charger in my jacket pocket 🙂

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