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How to use as Skype as Messenger on Windows PC

Microsoft retired Windows Live Messenger in favour of Skype. But the good news is its functionality has been ported to Skype. So, upgrade from Messenger to Skype now! Do not worry you will have all the Messenger contacts with you. The best part is that, in addition to messaging you can also make use of free voice and video calls to other people on Skype. As always you can start chatting with your messaging friends like you always have.

We have already seen how to setup and use Skype, use Skype as a Facebook chat client, use Skype IM to send Instant Messages,  record your Skype Conversations with MP3 Skype Recorder, Messenger Plus! for Skype, Call Graph toolbar or with Skype Auto Recorder. Today we will show you how to use Skype as a Messenger on Windows.

Use Skype as Messenger on Windows

It’s fairly easy! All you need to do is download and install the latest version of the Skype. Sign in to Skype with the same Messenger account that you used with Windows Messenger.

When you do it all your messenger contacts will automatically be added to Skype. You will find them all in one single place. If you would want to see those, simply select All in the contacts list and then choose Messenger.

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For creating a new list of contacts, Right-click on the Contacts tab and select Create new list option. Give it a name of your choice, then go through the contacts and right-click on the desired ones to add them to the list.

Adding new contacts too is easy. Simply Click on the ‘Add a contact’ button and begin searching a contact by name, Skype Name or Microsoft account.

If you would like to make some contacts as your favourites, just right-click on a contact name and choose the ‘Add to Favorites’ option. These contacts will appear at the top of your contact list every time.

Now, if you would like to type a message a friend, click on a ‘contact’. You will immediately see an IM window popping up on the right side of your computer screen. To send, simply hit the ‘Send’ message button and it should be delivered to the desired person.

To make your message more interactive, you can add emoticons. Do so, by clicking on the smiley face in the IM window, or use the usual keyboard shortcuts.

For sharing a file such as a photo, simply use the plus sign at the top of the window and select Send file.

For inviting people/friends for group chatting, click on ‘Create a group’ option. you can find it at the top of the contact list. Then, use the plus sign and select the ‘Add people’s prion as shown in the screenshot below.

For more information, see this page.

If you are new to Skype, you may want to read Skype Login: Security and Safety Tips for beginners.