What makes Skype the ideal tool for Customer Support

We all have used Skype in our workplace for sharing files, exchanging information or making video calls, but have you considered using Skype for customer support? I was reminded of this fact a few days back while providing troubleshooting support to a friend, over Skype. And let me assure you that after reading this post you will be wondering that all this time, this best support tool was right in front of your eyes. A friend and fellow blogger just started using WordPress and was having some trouble in uploading a post. Well, usually screen sharing is the best and fastest option to resolve such issues, provided the person in communication uses Skype and is aware of its features. In this particular situation, I was able to convince my friend to use Skype to support this conversation.

Support over Skype

I made a video call, and she told me about the issues she was facing, within a minute I realized the issue and asked her to exchange the URL and account information.


Following are the highlights from the course of our conversation:

  • Shared screens with the help of Skype Screen Sharing option
  • Exchanged the login information of WordPress account
  • Pointed out where to add tags
  • Browsed windows to show how to embed a Youtube video in a blog post
  • Shared more information on formatting, by carrying out the said tasks on screen
  • Shared URLs on more WordPress tips and tricks to be browsed later

Towards the end of the conversation, I suggested my friend to use Skype as a communication tool for her client/professional interactions and blog support activities.

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Skype Search Function

Another very important feature of Skype on Mac and Windows systems is that all the information you have shared or received through a Skype chat, is stored for your future reference. So, whenever you have to check something from a prior discussion, simply use the Search Box (Ctrl + F) and the info will be fetched from the record. Believe me, this simple tool has saved me many times when I forget passwords, URLs, or other important information, which was shared with me, and I forgot to make a note of it.

Why Skype shouldn’t be overlooked

Over the past ten years, Skype has grown so much and in the present time, when we are getting so many choices of different tools and apps for communication, it’s very likely to overlook Skype. But, we should not forget that Skype will always remain the primary tool which offers multiple modes of communication, especially perfect for professional/support usage like chat/voice/video calls, along with real-time screen sharing, sharing any kind of file and making calls to landline or mobile numbers, anywhere across the world.

Why Skype is ideal for Support

Integrating Skype as an additional tool for enterprise sales and customer support activities can really boost up an organization’s productivity in the following ways:

  • Sales conversations can be saved as backup, for future referencing
  • Support function can prove to be much more efficient
  • Text-based information shared can be corrected with spell-check
  • Issues are identified quickly, with quick suggestions with the help of screen-sharing, hence, saving time and effort.
  • Information sharing is highly secure on Skype, than via traditional email service.

Are you using Skype for customer support? Do share your experiences with us.

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