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Skype 6.1 for Windows introduces Outlook integration, Updated Profiles, etc

A new version of Skype (version 6.1) for Windows has rolled out on January 10, 2013. Skype 6.1. Skype 6.1 update has come with a visual update to the toolbar and Outlook integration. Users can now start a free Skype to Skype call, send a Skype instant message, or make a call to any landline or mobile directly from Outlook.

Beyond this feature, Skype 6.1 also has also introduced many other add-ons. Let me make it even more clear with a few screenshots.

Add new contact

Adding new contacts on Skype is simpler now. Instead of going through ‘add new contact’, users can now add any contact on Skype directly from their contacts list. 

Updated profile page

The updated profile page and account information with Skype 6.1 area brings easier navigation for you around your account data.


Status updates

This integration displays the Skype contacts’ mood message, status updates and other details within their integrated Outlook contact cards.

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Instant Calling

With the new integration of Skype and Outlook, you can now call anyone on landline or mobile number directly from Outlook contacts, even if you are not friends on Skype. You can use the Skype subscription or credit to make the call.

Improved Skype Experience

You can also make an instant video/audio call or start an instant text conversation with any of your friends on Skype straight from the contact list in Outlook.  

All of these added features will work on Outlook 2010 or higher. As posted by Skype on their official blog, Outlook will automatically connect the two Skype users when their email details match.  The update also includes many bug fixes.

You can download the latest version of Skype HERE.