SkyDrive now supports ODF, Twitter, 300 MB uploads and Short URLs

Windows Live SkyDrive recently has introduced several new features, Today I came across a tweet from the SkyDrive Team, that it had received some more cool updates.

SkyDrive now supports the Open Document Formats (ODF). This means that any ODF file on SkyDrive will open up in the Microsoft Word web app on SkyDrive. For example the document posted by SkyDrive team announcing these updates is an ODF file stored on SkyDrive and opens up in Microsoft Word Web app.


In the next update, now you can share your documents etc on SkyDrive to Twitter. Twitter has been added to the list of Social Networks supported by SkyDrive.


SkyDrive will now also support short URL’s ( for Windows Phone images, shared to Twitter.  Now all Windows Phone users’ tweeted photos will have short URLs. Here’s the SkyDrive team hard at work shortening URLs that get posted to Twitter from Windows Phone. Picture, thanks to a tweet from Arcadiy Kantor – Program Manager on SkyDrive.

SkyDrive team hard at work shortening URLs that get posted to Twitter from WinPhone. Live now!

Arcadiy Kantor also provides a Pro Tip : Want to know how many users are accessing your SkyDrive short links? Just add a + to the end of the URL. e.g.  It gets its details from bitly.



Now SkyDrive will support 300MB file uploads in the browser as compared to 100 MB earlier.

The SkyDrive team has also stated that apart from these cool updates, some much bigger ones are coming soon to SkyDrive. These could be, the SkyDrive on the Desktop app we had talked about or might be something else too.

This SkyDrive Desktop app will be available with an installer that’s less than 5MB. You’ll only need to only install it once per PC, as SkyDrive will always keep itself up-to-date. Once installed, your entire SkyDrive will start syncing into the folder you choose. Its been so designed that you won’t even notice its running – as it will be making very little use of CPU, for SkyDrive during idle time, as well as during the file transfer.

But we will have to wait for the final confirmation from them.

Actually I’m already getting some indications – as my SkyDrive is already showing something related – though the links are not yet active.

The option to ‘Add a Computer’  says ‘To add a computer, you need to first install SkyDrive for Windows on it’. This clearly indicates an SkyDrive installer thing.


Check if you too are seeing them and let us know in the comments.

So get ready to see all the cool things as SkyDrive gets these major updates soon! We are also hearing that Google is also releasing its Google Drive soon – but can Google match these cool features of SkyDrive? What do you think!?

If you haven’t yet tried SkyDrive, give it a try at  The best thing is its integration with Microsoft Office where you can create, collaborate & share office documents with Web Apps even if you don’t have Microsoft Office.

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