SkyDrive Introduces New Features: Improved file management, sharing, Drag & drop, etc


  1. I would like to see guests given full editing permissions. As of right now they can only add a new file or folder and delete them. I am using my folder to compile resources from several different people. It would be great if they could perform the same file management that I can.

  2. nice article ..

    ” A feature request I would like to add is an option in Hotmail where one receives Photos as attachments to directly upload to SkyDrive, instead of downloading them and again upload them to SkyDrive.”

    This feature is already there in Gmail using chrome extension we can get this..

  3. SkyDrive is driving me nuts! Is there no way of making a common link that you can share with people as and when required. Having to go and share with 10 or 20 new people at a time with all that is infuriating but going public is not an option.

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