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Skinery Tiles Pro : Apply custom themes on Windows Phone Live Tiles

The simple, clean and neat Metro UI of Windows Phone 8 has always been a charm. The unique look and the concept of live tiles is the cherry on the cake. However, this UI is restricted for theming or skinning – except that you can change the tiles color and size. If you are bored trying different color schemes and want to add some bling to your device, Skinery Tiles Pro is the right app for you.

Skinery lets you apply custom themes on your Windows Phone 8 device. It allows you to go beyond the simple color of the tiles by replacing it with a custom image. With Skinery you can use any photo from the camera roll as a theme or also use pre-loaded themes.

Unlike other themeing apps, Skinery supports third party apps as well. Since it is in developmental stage, there are very few apps that are supported by Skinery and they are,

– WhatsApp
–  Facebook
–  Fancy
–  Spotify
–  Box
–  Games Gone Free (live tile support)
–  Pinterest Mobile Wrap
–  gMaps
–  Groupon
–  PhotoFunia
–  Youtube
–  Nokia Drive
–  Nokia Music
–  Nokia City Lens
–  Nokia Transit

The developers behind Skinery are working to expand this list. We will be able to see more apps support soon.

Live tiles are supported as well. Skinery doesn’t create a fake tile, but uses same tile to launch an app, this retains the live tile feature. However, it takes time for apps to enable Live Tiles with Skinery.  The count of Live Tiles support is also low, the only live tile app is Games Gone Free.

Skinery is not fully developed yet, but it perfectly supports the native apps. You may get annoyed because of its lack of support for many apps, but eventually it will be supporting. Watch the video after a jump,

Skinery Tiles Pro is available on the Windows Phone Store for $1.29. Try the app first and then make your purchase.