Single Board Computers – Raspberry Pi vs BeagleBone vs Arduino

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  1. Raspberry PI rules!

    It brings me back to my first years with computers 37 years ago 🙂

    I invested in one just for the good old feeling from a time where you and you alone was responsible for it all.

    OOohhhhhh those good old days 🙂

  2. Hello Anandji/ArunJi
    Been following TWC since 2 years, and thus would recommend a contact to you. Last month I met a guy named Nikhil at Dipex, one of the biggest project competitions, and he had won the competition. He would be just 18-19 but is working on various projects related to Embedded Systems, Single Board Computing and Internet of Things. Unfortunately I don’t know his surname or his contact number, but he had shared his email ID with me and he stays in Pune
    If you contact him regarding anything about IoT or anything that I mentioned above, he’ll definitely provide you great inputs
    Email ID : [email protected]

    M Bhaskaran
    Retd. Professor
    Department of Telecommunications
    IIT Madras

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