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Having the same image files at several places on your computer is definitely a thing to worry about. Moreover, the duplicate content is eating the precious space in your hard-drive. So how do you remove the matching content? Well, there are many freeware apps available in various app stores that can help you find the duplicate content. So if it is a raw file, a video file, any compressed folder, document files, many software use various technologies such as first trying to match for the duplication on the grounds of filename, then file-size. It often works for such file-types.

similar-images-finderSimilar Image Finder

The real problem is finding the matching content for your image files. We have so many different extensions in image files, there is, jpg, png, bmp etc. How do you look out for similar images when the file-format of the duplicate content is different? For this very thing we require an app that could scan the content and look out for the duplication.

This is one of the key trouble that we have been having for years. But as it seems, there is a solution for it. Similar Image Finder is a minimalistic freeware tool, that lets you list out similar content, only to make it easier to remove later on.

It is pretty easy to navigate through the options in the tool. From the bottom left, under the “Folders To Search” you can specify the folders where you want to look for the duplicate content. Right next to it is the “Settings” tab which gives you some real advance features.

First of all, “Minimum Similarity” lets choose the comparison ratio between the original and duplicate content. Basically what happens is, when you save an image into a different file-type, the final copy is pretty often, not so alike the original copy, and the image loses some colors and saturation. Hence lesser the value you set there, more the results you will get.

Just below it are some radio-buttons for how you want to look for images, then you can pick the file-types for the image file. At the right most you will find a toggle bar labeled “More accurate and Less Accurate”. What these options basically do is use advanced techniques while searching in the more accurate mode. In the less accurate mode, the software will perform a regular scan, using the basic modes and hence it will be faster.

Sounds interesting? Head over to for more details.


We avoid using CNET links because they push crapware. But we had linked to the home page, as we normally do, to give credit to the developers. The developers site links to CNET as the official download page, which prominently displays a bold green Download Now button and a small Direct Download text Link. I strongly recommend that you click on the Direct Download Link to download its clean installer.


While I understand that people want to monetize their free offerings, pushing crapware might actually hurt the number of downloads. Just my opinion.

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