Silent Install Helper for unattended installation of software

The next big step after setting up an operating system is making sure you have got all the system drivers and essential software installed. Typically users are required to install all the apps manually, which in itself requires agreeing to numerous licensees and sitting back impatiently watching those software get installed, restarting whenever required. We understand how jarring this experience could be.

Silent Install Helper is a minimalistic third-party utility which is here to take care of all of that. Its self-explanatory user interface adds more value to it. It allows you to populate a list of software you would want to install on your computer, and then it install all of the automatically with default settings.

Silent Install Helper

It supports a wide range of installation files – Microsoft, Zip, RAR, Nullsoft, Ghost Install Wizard etc, and if the one you have added isn’t supported by it, it will list such files as “Nothing found”.

Unattended installation of software

To work around this app is quite simple. You can either select and add apps one by one, or import a folder itself. Once you have got your list ready, you can save it for future reference, and select the apps you want to install (or select all, if you want to install all the apps), and click on the “Start” button from right corner. Saving the list can come handy, if you want to install similar apps on some other computer as well.

While most of the apps won’t have any trouble at “silent installing”, you might come across a few that don’t let an automation control them. Silent Install Helper provides you an offer to deal with such apps, you can either skip those apps, or force their execution. By default, it forces execution of such apps, to change it you can select the “Skip” radio button from the user interface.

Although Silent Install Helper is an intuitive idea, and works as advertised, but there is one catch. Silently installing software this way will also install adware and other bogus toolbars too, that many software come bundled with. Unfortunately, you can’t circumvent a way around it just yet. We hope to see such feature in its future versions, but otherwise, Silent Install Helper is a very nice application, and we highly recommend it for unattended installation of software you trust and know to be safe!

Silent Install Helper free download

The app sizes less than half a Megabyte and doesn’t require any installation to work. You can download it from here.

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