New sign in page for Windows Live – Tweaked to showcase individual features


  1. Spam on Hotmail?? In the 5 years that I’ve used hotmail as my principal email solution, I don’t remember getting a single spam mail, not even one. Maybe you’re doing something wrong.

  2. This has been my sign-in page for quite a few days now.

    One thing I do not like about it is that you cannot stay signed in, even if the “Keep Me Signed in” box is ticked, as was possible previously. I know that this is a security feature but it can be a hassle when you are in a hurry. Not really needed if you are the only user who has access to a particular PC.

  3. Hi Ernie, It works fine here as it keeps me signed in when the ‘Keep me signed in’ box is ticked. Actually Hotmail has last month updated this feature and rolling out gradually to all. You’ll only see the behavior if you hit one of the upgraded servers. Its rare that you maynot have already done that. Hotmail has removed that multiple user signin feature whcih had ‘remember my password’ box but provided with this . But users complained that this ‘Keep me signed’may be more dangerous and they wanted at least to show the email filled so that they do not have to type in every time but has to entr the password only. So the Hotmail did that update where if your browser has autocomplete enabled, it”ll automatically fill previously entered email ID as you type or if u press down arrow will get complete list of mail IDs to choose from when ‘Keepme signed in’ is not checked.
    I trieed with FireFox and IE9 and it worked on both. It auto signed me in. This may not be on by default.You can enable it. In IE9 Tools > Internet options >Content tab > clcik settings in Auto Complete and Tick Forms, user names and passwords on Forms , Ask me before saving passwords.OK to save.
    Before this clcik on ‘Delete Autocomplete History’ , just to clear earlier ones
    Also clear cookies once before you restart your browser.
    Similarly do it for other browsers. Hope this should work.

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