SideSlide: Advanced Desktop Launcher for Windows

An overly cluttered desktop is really annoying and it may also slow down the performance of your machine. However, the best way to clean the cluttered desktop is to organize your files and folders in a systematic way but if you are looking for some tools to help you organizing your cluttered desktop; this post is just for you. The more programs you download, more are the icons and folders on your desktop, SideSlide is a free and highly configurable desktop tool which helps you organizing your desktop icons.sideslide

SideSlide program launcher for Windows

This program launcher is dockable, skinnable, accessible, configurable Desktop Extension.. It creates custom sidebar for each category of your icons where you can drag and drop your desktop icons. You can further hide this side bar when not in use. This advanced desktop tool lets you get instant access to all your folders and files.

Moreover, you can create your own virtual desktop with folders, documents, applications and web pages. This custom desktop is highly customizable with colors, images and backgrounds. The workspace created is completely adjustable, resizable, shrinkable and foldable, furthermore, you can also remove them if not required.

The main overview of SideSlide shows a black window featuring different modules for keyboard navigation, tips, notes, and picture slideshows. You can add a new module, customize them and move around in this black window. The virtual desktop can be tucked away in any corner of the screen, top, bottom, right and left.


  1. SideSlide is an advanced desktop tool providing quick access to your files and folders thereby keeping your desktop clean.
  2. Highly customizable with different skins, colors and backgrounds
  3. Various ways of launching multiple shortcuts with a single click
  4. Supports multi-monitor setups
  5. You can change its theme, colors, buttons, fonts and background image or gradient fill.


  1. A bit tricky to understand for novice users.
  2. It takes long to adjust the settings

SideSlide is available to all as a free download for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system. Go get it here. It is completely free, does not come bundled with any additional software and can be completely removed from your Windows PC without a trace.

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