Show less or Show more Apps in Windows 8.1 Start Screen


  1. Yes, I have that key but I don’t have any “Layout_ShowMoreAPVApps”. I don’t know where to send you the screenshots.

  2. regedit32.exe is now obsolete and it’s now only a shortcut to regedit.exe. The old regedit32.exe was just for NT systems pre 2003 (even though it’s still included in all Windows versions). From Windows XP onwards regedit32.exe now just opens regedit.exe and from the Run dialog box you only need to type regedit and hit enter.

  3. It does. I think it’s because the old regedit32.exe didn’t support exporting and importing reg keys, so they decided to just use regedit. But I guess it’s like the multitude of old files and icons that still get ported with every new version of Windows instead of being scrapped. If you dig deep enough, some Windows 3.x icons still exist in Windows 8.1. It’s crazy!

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