Should you manually Check for Updates or wait for them to be offered to you

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  1. This is stunning information and counter-intuitive if not outright deceptive.
    The user would assume any update downloaded from the “Check For Updates”
    button were indeed fully tested updates being just those made ready for the
    next automatic Windows update check which is the next morning on my system.

    Whenever I used that button I assumed I was getting an update that was added
    after the morning update check that would be downloaded the next day anyway
    and not some partially tested update that I would never have wanted to get.

    Microsoft needs to be fully transparent here and at least make it clear
    when manually checking for updates that they may have some risk.
    Thanks for this information, Anand, your advice should be heeded.

  2. Recently updated the last rollout. So far so good. There are some new features, but games should not be the first to notice, which I immediately removed…

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