Share your Windows 7 story and win a Windows 7 license!

Windows 7 has been very well accepted and most have only good things to say about it. We’d like to hear your experience with Windows 7 and what you have to say about it! So with this in mind TWC has decided to conduct a contests of sorts at TWC Forums !

UPDATE: The winners have been declared.

The contest is very simple. Share Your Windows 7 Story … a real experience story, the moment you liked Windows 7 most … or when it made your day for you! Share that moment and win fabulous prizes.

The range of possible stories could be wide; from consumers (i.e. netbook, home sharing, media center, etc) to I.T. Professionals (Direct Access, Deployment, Group Policy, etc).

The best story will get a genuine Windows 7 Professional license. And two runners up will get a license of Eset Smart Security each.

The contest rules are as follows:

– The contest is open to all.
– The story must be a real life Windows 7 personal experience. It may include the moment you liked Windows 7 most, or when it made your day for you or it could be simply be a feature which you enjoy. It should be between 100-200 words and include a title.
– The contest will run for 15 days and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

The best entries will be selected by a panel of judges comprising of ‘Geek In Disguise’ Steve Clayton, Blake Handler MVP and Andre Da Costa.

The most original real-life story gets the prize! So if you have a story to share, we’d love to hear it. The best stories will also be featured on TheWindowsClub!

Thanks Nitin Agarwal for the great contest idea and for sponsoring the Windows 7 Pro license.

For the duration of this contest I am disabling email confirmation. This will allow instantaneous registration.  So if you are not yet a member of TWC Forum Register Here instantaneously and then head over to the Contest Thread.

Alternatively, you may also post your story in the Comments section below, which have now been enabled purely for purpose of posting the stories. Please make only 1 post.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. inferno

    generally windows licences are very very very very expensive here. becouse their price policy is same at every country but American people can buy a windows with %10 of their salary but at some country people have to pay around %80 to buy a windows.

    i m still using Windows Xp.

    my windows saw 11 september
    saw bill clinton (i think)
    saw bush
    saw obama
    saw iraq war
    saw 2 world cup and two eurocup
    saw paris hilton and kim kardashians sex tapes
    saw afghanistan war
    saw sadam
    saw Kosovo’s freedom
    saw SARS
    Saw rising of china
    ah yes we shouldnt forget MJ

    and i m still using Windows Xp and i dont want to buy a Vista.

    But everything changed when i installed Windows 7 RC :S

    there is a new world in Windows 7. everything changed but i had to go back becouse rc version is started to restart every 2 hours.

    now i m looking a netbook and i m looking which have windows 7 even starter edition. i will never buy a netbook which have windows xp or vista.

    when i installed windows 7 last summer all of my friends neighboors and cousens wanted to install it, becouse it was awesome, fast and classy. now everybody get back to their old operation system. generally they have vista only me Xp :/

  2. kelly

    I would like to enter the contest.

    The best OS i used was Windows Xp. However I decided to switch to to Windows Vista when it was launched. Thats when i encounter many slowdowns and crashes. When Windows 7 came out, i decided to try upon my friends recommendations that it was fast and stable. I immediately liked the nice features, better security, faster operations and better stability of Windows 7. It also uses less resources and has definitely made it the most stable and easy to use OS that i have used to date. Installing it was also faster than any other OS that i have used. The improvements in networking and productivity are great. File transfer speeds are also greatly improved compared to Vista & XP. The best features i like are the speed improvements, regular updates and better security and also less UAC interruptions.

  3. Hi,
    My story about Windows 7 started like a dream.
    Microsoft has arranged for great Promotion via when they launched Windows 7 on 22nd Oct.I luckily won Win 7 Ultimate. They sent neat box with 32 bit/64bit media along with bags, posters.I uninstalled my Vista Premium and got this on my Dell Laptop.I was really impressed by UI,speed,driver support & stability. I would say it’s Best OS by Microsoft till date.
    The feature which made me happy was “Restore previous versions” for folders/files. This has saved me many times as i always have backup version.Overall it’s fantastic OS which I recommend to people who are still using XP.
    Time to move on guys, and for far far better experience. Life without walls !

  4. Transition was smooth as silk.

    My first experience with Win 7 was when I dropped the Jan 09 RC in my back-up XP machine to try to fix a corrupt XP OS that I didn’t have the install disk for. I was amazed at the ease of adopting the new system and how well it played on a mediocre eMachine with a bumped up video card and some extra ram. The XP issues were gone and performance was better than I had imagined and the system is stable!

    Buoyed by that success, I held out for Oct 22, 2009 for the public launch before putting it into my primary machine that has been slogging through the dregs of Vista for the past few years.
    Bingo! Windows 7 slipped onto the machine as slick as Cinderella’s slipper. I was able to reinstall my Sound Blaster Audigy advanced PCI Express card that Vista wouldn’t play and I am cranking some premium sound through my Grado Labs headphones.

    My God Mode works great and I love the TWC apps like FixWin and Ultimate Windows Tweaker. The app Capture clean rounded images with 7capture is just a beautiful way to clean up dialogue boxes.

    I used to say that Windows 7 was Vista done right. I know better than that now. Windows 7 is much more than a revised Vista OS. Win 7 occupies it’s own floor that is unique to the Microsoft structure.

  5. Legaz

    I need that bad, yes consume less memory. My english is bad that all from me.THANK YOU.

  6. Luis

    Grrr I wish i can say something about Win 7 but I can’t I have win XP and I have been looking to upgrade my OS to Win 7. How can i say anything good or bad? I have heard nothing but good things about Win 7 (not so for Vista). Good things are… Has better safety features than Vista or XP, Some people say it runs faster then XP ( I am not sure about this though), has a compatibility mode with Win XP software, it is better at finding compatible drivers than XP (crossing my fingers that it is true). Well i hope i can win a genuine license giveaway.

  7. Xaser

    “Happy Win 7” My 1st computer in high school was installed with winXP, it was great. Then my school gave me a free Vista Business under the MSDNAA program. I installed it but everything went so slow even the basic usage of microsoft office. Then MS gave me a RC download of Win 7, i was impressed with the performance with the overall of programs i used. Most important of all, Win 7 have so far no blue screen of death for me while i was doing my hw. With Windows XP i have had a lot esp. driver problems which cause a lot of blue screen of death.

  8. Hello,
    My real windows 7 story it’s begin in may 2009 when i get a free licence for try windows 7, and i find windows 7 is Amazing OS for my home PC and my laptop, i use windows 7 like media server in my home PC, the best capacity of sound and HD video 🙂
    and i use windows 7 in my works with office 2007 it’s very good 🙂 , i see win7 it’s away from vista because has best compatibility with software and games , and best best driver compatibility of my graphic card Nvidia 9800GTX+ , nake my 3d works fine and more speed to render it 🙂
    Now i work with expire windows 7 🙁 has reboot every 2H or maybe more, But i still work with windows 7 🙂
    Finely, i want say thanks for Microsoft for that best work + i want to say thanks for thewindowsclub dot com for keep update everyday 🙂

  9. Raymond

    Hmm… Where can I start. Well, Windows 7 has been the greatest of switches for me. Although XP was good to me, rest in peace, Windows 7 has it all for me. The new snap feature that lets you compare two windows side by side makes things so much easier to study. The immense 64-bit support also amazes me. After switching to 64-bit, I found that hardly anything has had difficulty being emulated by the OS and has had great compatibility with everything in the system. I can finally put all 4 gigs of RAM in my computer to use, and I can use DX11 with my 5850 as a bonus :). Overall, powers me as a student, gamer, and gives me the opportunity to switch to 64-bit with the curve.

  10. sasomkd

    I am using Windows XP since the first release of this OS.But now i just want to switch to the best ever OS made so far and thats of course is MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7.Simple,creative and efficient.

  11. Patrick

    I have Windows Vista on my Toshiba laptop, but am unemployed, so I can’t afford the upgrade. While Vista is much better than XP, I would like to upgrade just because of the speed increase observed by Win 7 RC testers. One Genuine License, please??

  12. ORKAN

    I tried Win7 Ultimate in my 6 years old machine 3 months ago.Surprisingly I found that around 5gb disk spaces disappeared after the installation. I checked & found that a Windows old folder was created & putting in the old OS & all old applications. Some of the old applications still could be executed after re-enter the valid key.
    I installed KIS 900.736 and as I found only this version compatiable with Win7. Accordingly I had to shut down Windows Defender & Windows Firewall.
    The display card of my old machine seemed not working well with Win7 and few weeks later I reinstalled the Ultimate to a newer machine instead.
    Win7 is as good/easy as XP & got more new features & fast in executing applications/process. Probably it still exists some compatibility problem & hope that the new SP1 to be released shortly to solve it.

  13. aniket

    hello dears,,
    i bought my HP PAVILION. dv6 laptop with windows vista home premium as OS.
    i got windows 7 via free upgrade after 1 months.
    my personal xperience with windows vista was not so bad.. it was working well except few crashes.almost every software was compatible with it.gaming was not so intersting as XP but, it was ok ok type.
    when i tried win 7.. oh my god… my pc was like a super super alien.” PIN programs in the task bar..”
    ” snap feature” new, easy interferace and compatibilty adjustment option were briliant.I also liked the way it boots with adding 4 colours.. The graphics were good and not just gudd jjust awesome.
    The Crashing property of my laptop was not there in Win 7..
    bi m in love with my laptop… thanks for win 7 microsoft… 🙂

  14. Ivan Yung

    From XP to UBUNTU and back to Windows

    I have been using Windows XP for several years. About 3 years ago, I bought my HP Laptop computer with XP multimedia edition, the boot up speed is very slow and I switch to UBUNTU at that time.

    UBUNTU is lightweight and surfing the net is fine at the beginning, at a regular windows user I soon discover that many of the software I used before cannot be used again because of changing in platform. The solution is to dual boot my computer which is quiet troubling.

    Last year, I have the chance to use the Windows 7 beta edition. My first insight is the fast boot up speed and the beautiful screen. The Windows 7 is very stable even though it is still in beta edition. I think it is the best OS I have ever seen before.

  15. _||_

    I guess this is a reverse story of sorts. I had been using the Win 7 RC for about four months and while I was pleased with the new version, I wasn’t completely blown away anymore because it had been six months since the PDC debut of Win 7. It’s complete stability and predictability since the beta seemed like a double-edged sword. However, one fine day in early November, I forgot to take my tx2 with me to work and ended up having to use a work iMac BootCamped into Windows XP. Quite subconsciously I pressed the Win key + left/right arrows etc being so used to Aero Snap by now. I was unbelievably frustrated for two whole minutes because of the realization that XP does not support all the window-management keyboard shortcuts. Forget XP, I don’t even touch OS X 10.6 with a ten-foot pole anymore (stupid dragging of windows only by their right-bottom corner is stupid). That’s when I realized how much in love I was with Windows 7. ‘Course it has a bunch of similar little things that just make life painful on any other OS now. I’m also pleased with how quickly it has been adopted by the student population who are typically averse to upgrading the OS on their machines.

  16. root

    I assembled my own (64 bit) mediacenter and choose Windows 7 Home Premium to be the OS.
    I hardly use the “build in” mediacenter application, instead I use different other applications (like mediaplayer) to play the content. It’s up and running for nearly 4 months, and till now I haven’t had any blue screen. The only downside I experience is the wireless keyboard that sometimes loses the connection. According to several forums that’s due to the manufacture of the keyboard, and not an OS issue.

    It’s by far the best OS that ever came from Microsoft, the only showstopper is the price label that comes with it.

  17. PSK

    i had bought a hp laptop with vista installed.
    i already had an old pc with windows xp.
    vista looked cool at the beginning but then i learnt to hate it..its speed and problems were killing me!
    when windows 7 came, i was a bit skeptical but when i heard about the 120 day trial, i said-what the heck, lets try it.
    and man! what an experience! i bought windows 7 ultimate within 4 days! it was vista perfected! but the real magic happened when i wanted to go on to the internet-i couldnt see any internet explorer icon in the desktop.but then i saw it in the superbar! man, this superbar is really super. with the increased speed as an added bonus and all my previous problems gone, i have even replaced the os in my old crappy computer along with my laptop.
    i just would love to have the lisence for a close friend of mine. 🙂

  18. My computer is slow, not very fast and use not welldone, I’m from Taiwan, I know win7 few month ago, I need win7, when I used it from windows 7 Rc version, I feel so shock, and I love it so mich!
    when you meet it, you will love it!

  19. Michal

    The lost chance

    Last year I bought my new HP laptop (HP Pavilion dv3650ez) for which I’d been conserving money for about a year. It had Vista on it and immediately after setting it up I was enthralled by the futuristic design of this brand-new OS! But as soon as I had recognized how slow and memory-hungry Microsoft’s new creation was, all my appreciation was gone. Unfortunately I am a student and as usual not very well-to-do, so for me it wasn’t a solution to just buy the faster Vista, called Windows 7, when it released…
    So I continued using Vista and tried not to demolish my computer in times of bluescreens or hangers. Then one day I read about a free upgrade option from Vista to Windows 7 for all HP customers and I thought to myself: “Wow, that’s it. Bye, my dear Vista!” So I started to fill out the form that would lead me to my free Windows 7. Then there was this question: when did you buy your HP computer. I entered “May 2009” and sent the form. Later, I received a mail and I really was sure to shortly hold my license key for Windows 7 in my hands, but it all went different. In the mail I was told that I was not eligible for that license because I did not buy my computer after the 26th of June 2009, but somewhere in the middle of May. Incredible, I missed that free upgrade for just about a month! I’d never bought my computer in May if I’d known that a month later I’d be eligible for that free upgrade option to Windows 7 which in the end would have equaled a saving of about 120 dollars…

    Well, dear Sirs, this is my story, blue and true! I hope that you can sympathize with me and make a poor student who suffers from Vista happy again 😉

  20. marco

    First Health of the product was of great help to my
    as media coverage.

    I am an ordinary native user of Windows since Windows 95 use principles into glorious xp but for the moment 7 to given a big splash on the basis of operating systems, I tested the RC version of that product is really good although it is I was the deadline, with more desire to win I would like to continue using it and whether it would be great.

    It is a great operating system I was used to using windows xp but now must move to new time and this requires both changes and Estes is one of them.


  21. Marius T.

    My lovely 7even

    I love windows 7, it actually is better than Vista and it`s time for me to let XP go. Installation(RC) went fine, quick, too bad I don`t have a SSD to really test it properly. First of all, for everybody to know, all the drivers work fine for almost everything that I need, for sound, videocard, you may use the windows update feature which I find it very useful from time to time. Remember that i used the RC version. The retail version for sure will be exactly the same or better.
    Overall, I like how it runs. The system tray is a big improvement over vista. You can completely customize it, so you do not have annoying space wasters. Also, there is a handy button in the bottom right corner that shows the desktop. Performance is a fair improvement over vista. I installed it on a slower hard drive than the one i have vista on, and it still booted a bit faster than a fresh installation of vista did on my faster drive. 7 uses the same amount of ram on idle as vista, but the cpu usage is almost always at 0%, where in vista it jumps around much more. Opening applications was noticeably faster than in vista. Not much but still. I like everything in windows 7: boot times, shutdown times, it`s fast, it`s stable, runs smoothly, no driver issues –excellent choice.All that you need from an operating system: Windows 7.

  22. Jon

    I’d like to enter thanks…

    I awoke with a jerk, head pounding, it was Lara’s drive screaming in my head. She has served me faithfully, took-up scant space on my desk, and has been fearless to walk where most XP machines fear to tread. Though her time is close, ram dwindling, no choice but to ask her help one last time.

    Tock, Tock, yet shortly we track down a great machine at a bargain price, dual core, four Meg, Windows 7 32 bit- oh no!

    Nothin’ for it, no time to despair, just buy it man! Her temperatures rising, error rate’s up, power cycle nose-diving. The data’s coming baby – just hold on.

    I’m unpacking, and it’s disaster, x64 (plus 8 rams), my programs! Only faith between us and the chasm now, she barely comprehends. I call them and it’s a free upgrade – you say.

    A new day… who are you Seven?

    We work fast and when it’s done, everything is ok, anxiety is passed, and all of my applicary works great.

    Seven, you are from heaven, and you bring with you the spirit of one who is close to my cores.

  23. Win7 Kicked Ubuntu off my machine.

    Yep. I had become a confirmed Ubuntu Linux user. No Windows anywhere on my Big Hawg. Jan 09: Win7 Beta. Installed it in dual boot w/Ubuntu. Over the course of the next six months, I found myself using Ubuntu less and less as Win7 won me over. Through the Win7 Beta and RC program, it just kept getting better. As soon as it became available, I bought the upgrade and installed it on my wife’s 4-year-old laptop, as a fresh install with a WET transfer of her files and settings. WoW! What a difference it made for her going from XP to Win7! Soon thereafter I bought a copy for the Big Hawg and performed another WET/custom install. Now, I still use Linux for some things, but all my “other OS” stuff is run in VMs on my Win7 host. I’ve used MS products since DOS 3, and this is truly the best (user-oriented) OS MS has issued, ever.

    Kudos to MS for doing Win7 right.

  24. TheBigOldDog

    My most profound experience with Windows 7 was with the first public beta release. I specifically purchased a new machine just before Vista’s general release because my beta experiencs with Vista were so bad, I knew it was going to be poorly received and I knew I certainly didn’t want it.

    When Vista was release a few months later I was entitled to a free upgrade so I got it, created a dual-boot setup and installed it but never used it. Half of my hardware never worked right including some specialty stuff I used for home automation from X10. To top it off, it was slow. So, I just continued to use XP.

    When the public beta of Windows 7 came out, I figured it was the perfect time to blow away the unused Vista partition and give it test run.

    To my amazement – shock actually – Windows 7 identified all of my Hardware, including my X10 hardware and installed every driver without ever prompting me to intervene. Everything worked exactly like you hope but never really expect. I mean comeon, most of us have been at this a long time, we know how to deal with disappointment and work-arounds. I’m yet to be disappointed with Windows 7. It’s the OS we’ve all waited decades for.

    Before Windows 7 The last OS I bought the moment it was available was Windows 95 (remember those days).

    So, figuring if Windows 7 was that good on my desktop, I wondered if it could possibly be that good on my old laptop. It’s an old Dell Inspiron 8600 with an paltry Pentium M 1.5. I’d already ungraded it years ago to a full 1gb of RAM so it me the minimum requirements but I figured it would be a dog, just like Vista had been when I had tried it on the same machine years ago.

    Again, I was totally shocked. Not only did it run great, it actually ran better than XP ever did on the same machine. The only downside is the video card isn’t powerful enough to run aero but that’s not even really an issue since it’s given an old laptop that I had all but given up on, a whole new lease on life. Amazing actually.

    I’ve yet to be disappointed in any respect with Windows 7 and quite frankly can’t imagine ever going back to XP ever again. In fact, I’ve got to get my mother’s machine updated for the security enhancements alone. Despite having the latest virus protection she managed to get the “Antivirus XP 2010” infection that took me 4 hours to clean up. Windows 7 would have helped keep that from happening. XP has become just too insecure to keep running at this point.

  25. Daniel

    My future proof choice: Windows 7

    The Windows 7 beta was my first “meeting” with 7. I must say I was really impressed by this operating system. Everything runs faster, memory usage is improved, everything runs like a charm. Of course it was a beta version, but all I can say is I can`t wait to have a windows 7 final, retail version just for me.

    After installing (that went pretty fast) the first thing I noticed when I started opening up applications was how responsive Windows 7 is. The pauses after selecting an application or double-clicking on a document that I’ve gotten used to in Vista over the past couple of years aren’t there in Windows 7. In XP and Vista I got used to wait longer times for starting something. With 7 this isn`t the case anymore. I didn`t see any driver issues so everything runs great for me with what I have. You can chose your level of security, you can chose a favorite broswer (recently updated), you can chose living in the past with XP or Vista. Or you can chose a future proof operating system: Windows 7.

    I’m really excited about what I’m seeing with Windows 7, it seems that is the most complete system i`ve ever tested: secure, fast, stable.I have to tell you that Windows 7 just exceeded my expectations and I`ve chosen. I want 7.


    Dear friends
    i am using windows 7 ultimate since october 2009.
    recently i am experiencing with other users problems with windows update having message errors like error code 80072EFE…
    I think it is related with a problem with Microsoft windows update SITE.
    I used Microsoft fit it 52202 to solve my problem after reboot but the problem is occurring again and again which is very annoying…
    I hope if i have windows 7 pro it will be better.

  27. Mopeto

    Windows 7 path.
    I’m using Windows 7 since build 6801, that good almost stable build with the Vista Taskbar.
    It looked almost the same but had that feel of being more responsive. Sadly one program would not run. Then it come the new taskbar hack for actually testing the new features, woooow, that was something that feel so fresh but it had its actual glitches. Me and I think thousands of people used the feedback to point Microsoft what’s was going wrong.
    Then build after build we come to 7000, taskbar was all right now and everything was running smoothly, still that program would not run. Sad, but one day, there comes the drivers update. Finally, the video drivers now can run that software, not it support openGL and new audio drivers make all sound great.
    From that day on, I feel that users, developers and Microsoft made the best Operating System to date.

  28. Adrian

    One day, I was shopping. While I was going along shop avenue I saw in computer shop, beautifull notebook – Sony Vaio E VPCEB1M1E/WI. It was in beautiful white colour. I was really excited, i looked into my pocket, next i calculated my money and I decided to buy this notebook.

    Few hours later I switched on my new item.
    I showed, that in notebook is installed Windows 7.
    I was really excited, it was a new Windows, which I have never used before.

    After few days I discovered advantages of Windows 7. It is better than Vista – it is beautifull, faster than the previous edition of Windows (Vista) and more friendly for user.
    Now I can run the newest aplications on my Sony Vaio.

    I serious recommend this Windows for everyone.

    I bought the Windows 7 for my mother notebook, too.

    I have never had any problems with Windows 7, it is nice for everyday use.

  29. Frankie

    I started to use Windows 7 two months ago in my office. Surprisingly, the installation was more smooth and faster than XP. Although there were some drivers not recognized, I could enable the network driver and Microsoft update could install all the unknown drivers automatically. So I realized Windows 7 is more stable and user friendly than XP.

    After using it for a month, with third parties firewall and antivirus equipped. I notice the boot up time of Windows 7 needs less than a minute, while XP needs more than three minutes with the same identical hardware and software. This proves Windows 7 indeed better coding and performance than XP.

    I carry out a lot of file renaming and grouping operations in Windows 7. When doing this kind of task in XP, it is painful to check the extension and grouping them together. I discovered Windows 7 has the “Group By” feature in the Windows Explorer, it helps me to group and move files more easily. If the “show extension mode” is turned on, the file renaming feature is more user friendly than XP. So I feel I will not go back to XP anymore.

    Finally, I hope to get a license for my home computer.

  30. rinsoy

    Oh, Windows. You inform and entertain us. You are inescapable, and your Start menu is full of items relevant to our productivity. You move us. Sort of. To be honest, we’re not sure what sort of state this fair planet of ours would be in without the ruggedly functional operating systems the folks at Redmond have handed to us over the years, and while Windows Vista might have proved that Microsoft wasn’t invincible, it did nothing to demonstrate that Windows as an idea — and for most, a necessity — was at all in jeopardy.

    this is not my story…i really dunno english i copy this para from sme other website…if i got da key it wl b very helfull to me sorry for english

  31. koti

    Really windows 7 is great while not only in looking also in performence.
    I love it because of its aero feature..An intresting one is no need to search for s/w for perticular hardware(not 100%). Error reports and problem solving is very efficient.I am very much attracted with task bar and also with the new thambnail preview at task bar.action center notifies what is we lagging in performence and security..and also directx and no need of frame works .and maximizing and restoring windows when dragging to edges .
    plcing half of window when moves to any side of desk top ..
    and also fast shutdown and start up so i like windows 7.

    so i need move to full version of windows 7
    hope I can win

  32. RafaelSCT

    I was worried what would imagine about Windows 7 because I had already disappointed with Windows Vista, but things began to change listing from days I tested the version RC at first I was a little worried but it was from there on this incredible OS began to amaze me …
    Some things that surprised me was the great compatibility with most programs, its stability, and its power … look at the some innovations also pleased me very much like the Aero Peek other added features are also useful as BitLocker, I could spend hours praising this OS that surely was the best ever created!

    Thank you for this great giveaway and i hope win…

  33. Eric Payne

    When I was 6-7 years old. My pops used to bring an old “green screen” home from work on the weekends. I remember sitting on my dads knee debugging a game I typed in all by myself. Back then just seeing the game work was beating it. Ah, the good ol’ days.
    At about age 10 we moved 4 hours away and my mom found a new guy. I grew up finding pot lying around and soon the drugs were apart of me. I didn’t come near a computer for a long time(‘cept arcade games). I’m glad I was too stoned to see the disapointment in my real dad’s eyes, when I told him I was dropping out of high school and going to work. That was 20 years ago.
    About 3 years ago I finally came across a deal on a nice laptop. Little did I realize, my education was just begining. Exploring Windows Vista and everything internet has taught me so much. To be honest, I believe my brain is trained to crave the input and the speed of thought. So much that I am now a college student (don’t’s just a good excuse to stay plugged
    What does any of this have to do with windows7, you ask?
    Everything, I have been upgrading vista for 3 years now. Piece by piece. Learning everything the hard way and, learning it good because of it. I have been chasing windows7 for so long, it’s crazy. I haven’t really had a windows7 experience, yet. But am glad for the chase and will never regret a second of it. Just think of the windows experience that will make! Finally, the real thing! And all the work of getting this far will have sprouted another branch fruit!!! plz plz plz help a poor college student learn and grow. I’m countin’ on yall to help me finally have my windows7 experience. Thank you for your time.

  34. shiva


    Hi this is my true life experience, I am in fact happy to share this experience with all of you my name is Shiva I live in India , where a core two duo processor , a decent 2000 buck graphic card with 1gb ram and 250 gb hard disk, and a 17 inch crt monitor, 1000 rs cabinet summing it up to 20,000 rs represents a decent/updated computer in my part of the world , many of my friends, relatives still own a Pentium 4 / dual core computer with mercury motherboard which has a built in graphic card , for them a quad core processor like Intel q9660, i7, i5,i3, graphic card like ATI HD 4890 HD 4850 HD 5770 ,GTS 250,GTX260,280 etc. are very alien and height of stupidity for them , most of them like to invest in gold rather than a box that is used to browse, check emails download pirated movies ( even before the move gets released), that is all a computer means to them . When the hardware which people could see with their eyes itself doesn’t get its due respect, and then think about the software which they don’t even know / realize the use of it, my aunt still believes that the pirated windows xp installed in her computer is genuine and is the dealer’s duty to install all software needed to work on it. So from the above description you would have had a visual interpretation of my social background, I will never ever blame them for such behavior here we earn to meet or daily needs, the 75% of our earning is just sufficient to fulfill our daily /basic needs if we look for hi end computers than making the ends meet would just become impossible, so I never regret living in such a society , it is just the way it is meant to be , and I really hope everything will turn green and good even here , there will be more literate , more knowledgeable, technically developed and scientifically advanced society on par to that of developed part of the world. Having said about the society I live now I took 2 years to convince my dad to get a computer for our home , the one good thing I made sure, is that we get a core 2 duo processor and at least xfx 8400 graphic card. When my dad got me this computer I was studying 3rd year of my college. I started asking for the computer once I gave my 12th exams and at last after almost 2 years I successfully convinced my dad and got the computer, at that time I did not know what a pirated software meant the dealer charged 1000 rs for installing xp, office 2003 and few other software required for daily use, like most of the people even I started using computer for downloading songs, movies, to send email and play games, while browsing I used to look at terms like vista, windows 7, office 2007, office 2010 but when I follow those link out of curiosity the price tag mentioned/displayed there would scare me away from there. Days passed and my xp was blocked and the famous pirated tag appeared in the right bottom Conner of my computer screen, when we enquired the dealer he said that it is pirated xp and we should not have switched the windows updates on. This was shocking and we asked him how much a genuine xp and office will, cost us. He said something around 10,000 rs, now my dad started laughing hearing this and sit I got my son computer for 20,000 rs now you are saying it would take few more 10,000 for original software then he asked me to live with the pirated software as he could not do much with it. Then few of my friends who were well-versed with computer briefed me about pirated stuffs then introduced me to another friend who knew everything( he is no one other the Google himself).this was my first step into pirated software now I came involve more and more with this and started learning things . Google teached me a lot, I started installing almost all the software that came through my notice, with it came the virus. then I learned how pirated stuff is not only free but will come with virus also then I learned about internet security and other security software , at this point of time I was very very confident that I was updated in the field of computers. But I just knew to install application, I was ignore of the difference between what an application and an operating system is. I did not know to enter a bios or even what a bios was. One day when I woke up my computer refused work then I took the courage and went to my friend’s house and did little research then I came to know that I had to reformat the hard disk in such situation. When I had to install the o.s why not install the latest o.s, at that time the latest o.s was windows seven release candidate. So I downloaded the o.s from internet for almost 2 days with my friend’s slow internet. Then we found out how to enter the bios and change boot order to boot from the DVD drive first then we installed the windows seven ,then we found the drivers and installed every thing . Man I cannot believe it, it was so beautiful, how can I describe it, there is no words to tell my happiness , I felt like I have achieved something big, really big. Windows seven was amazing the aero shake aero snap the glass effect of aero the beauty of taskbar the elegance of the start menu with the dusky glass touch. I felt like shouting to the world that windows seven is beautiful, I behaved like a man who has met his first love of his life, the time I spent before the computer increased I started learning more and more new things like office 2010 adobe Photoshop etc. then only I knew only a drop in the ocean then I starting reading may blogs that teaches technology, I am still learning and believe that will learn till I live with the technology going at this incredible pace , now let me tell how windows seven changed my life it was my campus interview day since I was an obedient student in my class my h.o.d asked me to assist with the gentle man mr. amar rao head of recruitment who was to conduct the interview. He was first had to give a speech /presentation on his company to us so he asked me to switch on his laptop and then connect it to the projector, he gave me his laptop bag, it was a new Sony viao laptop, and it was had windows seven home premium pre-installed it. it was a beauty I started working with it , I was very comfortable in handling the office 2007 presentation that he was briefing us he had a keen observation power and noticed the ease at which I handled his laptop . After the presentation. all the students had the interview my turn was 21st so I waited but when my turn came he did not call me he skipped from 20th to 22nd, I was surprised and shocked, I was worried like hell this interview meant a lot to me then he called me at last as the last person to interview and made me a little comfortable since he found out I was tensed from my face. Then he asked few regular question like my hobby, academic achievements etc. the he said that I was selected and said the reason for him to make me wait was that he was really impressed with the ease I handled the laptop and took him through the presentation . as far as he went to other college in our part of town there were few students who struggled to handle so he had to take care of his presentation himself, and he came in that frame of mind only to our college also but when I handled it pretty well he taught that that he will select me even before the interview only. I was over whelmed, now I got my joining letter .this is how windows seven helped me and changed my life ,it even got me a job thank you windows seven

    At present I am using the release candidate , it has started shutting down on timely basis as Microsoft has warned , so I would be really be happy to win this windows seven key , so please count me in this contest, thank you very much

  35. Thank you all for participating.

    The Judges will have a look at the entries now … may take a couple of days 🙂

  36. Well, I have received replies from all the 3 judges and I will declare the winners names in a couple of days 🙂