Share your ideas for WP7 apps at ‘Ideas for Citizen’ website from Microsoft

Windows Phone 7 is almost here! Microsoft is encouraging partners, developers, and phone app enthusiasts come together and build Public Sector applications.  Microsoft US Public Sector Evangelism Team has launched a website where you can give your Windows Phone 7 app ideas.

“Phones are becoming ubiquitous and are powerful application delivery platforms. Governments have a wealth of open data and services that citizens can benefit from. This forum is for citizens to share their ideas about applications they would find useful. It is also for potential application developers who want to be inspired by great ideas. We’ve created multiple forums in an attempt to provide high level categories for app ideas. Please share your ideas by selecting the appropriate forum on the right. Our hope is that people will vote up the app ideas they find most useful, resulting in quality apps showing up in phone marketplaces.”

Windows Phone 7 offers the power to build complex and robust applications using consistent  hardware specs, a FREE comprehensive development toolkit, and the all-new full-service Marketplace for apps distribution.

Leveraging crowd-sourcing the DPE-US has created the website.  This is a forum for citizens to share their ideas about applications they would like to have; and for developers to find ideas for apps they would like to build.

Today smartphones are ubiquitous, powerful app platforms. Government has a wealth of open-data and services that citizens can benefit from. Windows Phone 7 can bring this two together in a powerful new way!

Incidentally, if you do have an app idea for Windows Phone 7, our forum members too would love to hear about it, here!

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