Share your large media files free via P2P with Orb

There are a lot of P2P software out there but today this article will tell you about free P2P software called Orb. Orb is a free software with which you can share your media files remotely from your computer, via protocol to protocol sharing. You can use Orb to share any media file of any size as it supports large files too. You can share then with your friends and family. I would recommend you to use Orb if you really want to share some large media files – for small files there are other solutions like DropBox, etc.

Share large media files free

Orb is a free file sharing program for Windows that lets you share all of your files on the Internet. All you need to do is to download and install the free software and allow it to index your files, to begin with. Orb will not upload files anywhere, you will have to keep the server PC on and connected to internet so that client PC can download the files directly from your computer.

How to access your files remotely shared by Orb:

You can access your share files from any PC. You just need to open any web browser and access your files using your free Orb account (Note: the remote computer should be switched on and connected to internet). When I downloaded my files remotely from a web browser, it really looked to me, as though  I was downloading it normally from some website. It doesn’t upload any files to the main server as DropBox does.

Sharing becomes easy

If you are sharing files with Orb, there are a lot of ways that you can share them. You can generate a URL for the media file and share it. Sharing of URL’s is very easy; you can mail out the URL or share it at any social network. You can use Orb flash widget on your website to share the media files from your Orb server. Orb can also provide you a public webpage that can be used to share files. Another awesome feature of Orb is that it can stream media to any device;  e.g. If you share any video files from Orb, you don’t need to download the file on other device; you can stream it via your iPhone, TV or any other computer.

Using Orb you can share videos, audio, photos, documents and lots of other stuff. 

Orb is free and very easy-to-use software and you can download from its website.

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  1. ErnieK

    Thanks Lavish for the heads-up on Orb.

    I will be going through to work on sisters PC during the week and this will save me trying to remember exactly what files etc I MIGHT need. I have tried a couple of other programs like this in the past and found them to be cumbersome in use so hopefully Orb will fit my needswants.

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