Setup iCloud on Windows computer with iCloud for Windows


  1. I have installed iCloud on my Windows 7 PC. In order to “turn it on” I’m supposed to go to control panel/network and internet/icloud … I do not see “Network and Internet” in the control panel. There’s only “Internet Options” and “Network and Sharing Center”, neither of which shows “iCloud” … Please help. How to I turn on iCloud.

  2. Forget downloading iCloud Control Panel on a PC. It will not accept your iTunes Apple Account as valid – you must own an apple product to create an iCloud Account. Talk about holding you by the goolies!

  3. NOT helpful! I came here to figure out how to CREATE an iCloud account in Windows. seams like you must have an Apple device to create an iCloud account. What a load of crap! Leave it to Apple to exclude people who use real computers!

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