Setting The Account Picture Failed. Please Try Again error in Windows 8/10


  1. I had this problem when I tried to use a 100 x 100 pixel jpg. Windows 8.1 seems to want a 448 x 448 pixel image. Once I cropped/resized an image to 448 x 448, I could select the larger image without any trouble in the Windows account UI.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial. But the question I would have is: Why on earth is it this hard to change a bloody account picture? This really should just consist of, select file—> pres ok. Seems like a microsoft fail to me.

  3. I’m having a little trouble… Do I replace all of the images with their original amount of pixels, or would I replace all of them with a 448×448 pixel image, Thanks!

  4. Hmm, it hasn’t seem to work, I’ve done everything in the instructions but I am using Windows 8.1… would Windows 8.1 make this in any way different? Any Suggestions? :O

  5. open the “Command Prompt (Admin)” and then just input the following code to repair the corrupt system files from the installation disc.
    dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

  6. I found doing a proper shutdown resolved the issue for me. On command line : shutdown /f /s /t 0

  7. Cann’t upload Acount Picture? or lock screen in win 8.1???



    righ click on SystemData go properties


    then click on change(owner-unable to display current user)

    enter your user name(in case microsof accnt wite email id)

    then chek name and press ok

    now u can delete the SystemData folder and reboot… u can change lock screen or account picture

    Subir Sengupta

  8. I can’t find any folder named “User Account Pictures”. Instead,there is a folder named “Default Account Pictures”.

  9. A far easier way is this-
    Select the picture you want>Right click>Edit>Resize>resize to 448×448 pixels>Save

    Now, simply go to settings>accounts>browse picture>set the resized picture.

    Worked well for me. (I’m using windows 10)

  10. This isn’t a fix, it’s very limited, flawed work-around. What you’ve just done is changed the DEFAULT image. That means that every windows account you create is going to use YOUR account image.

  11. I got to stage#2 where you said just replace the pictures but you didn’t show how to replace it. I tried but I couldn’t do it. Help please. Thanks

  12. Account Picture Error
    How does one go from step 2 to step 3???
    “Then a miracle occurs” is a caption from a cartoon where a math professor is explaining calculus to his students in front of 3 chalk boards. On the left board are lots of math calculations. On the right board… more math calculations. The center board is blank. The cartoon caption: “Then a miracle occurs..”
    Step 2 – miracle – Step 3.
    I’m in Windows 10. What can I do now? And do I replace all of my photo files? And if only one file.. Which one??? It won’t copy and paste. Why is everything so difficult in Windows 10?? Never had these problems before. Why didn’t my settings migrate when I upgraded to Win 10?? All my other upgrades went smoothly. Very frustrated.

  13. Thanks for this. After a disaster trying out W10 (old game I like didn’t make the transition etc.) on SurfPro2 and then returning to W8.1, and the subsequent discovery that the Account Picture function had been broken in the process of returning to W8.1 (along with a few other additional annoying things – like an MS permanent window insisting I should schedule upgrading back to W10, with a Corporate Totalitarian style no option not to, but with an MS assistant’s help uninstalled the updates that forced this intrusive window – tiny little files with horribly long codes, nothing transparent about them at all) I eventually found your post.

    What was even better was, using the info you gave here I was able to customize it more than previously. Originally the PNG I was using, which had been added just using the settings menu, a personally designed PNG with a transparent background, the image had only shown as having a black background. But when I replaced the User.png with my transparent background in the location you revealed, it now acts like a proper transparent background.

    So, very much appreciated, thanks.

  14. does it means remove all picture ones?
    guest.bmp (448×448 px.), guest.png (448×448 px.), user.bmp (448×448 px.), user.png (448×448 px.), user-40.png (40×40 px.) and user-200.png (200×200 px.) pictures?

  15. Thanks man, it works! After trying out Windows 10, and going back to 8.1 due to PC not very compatible with it, had problems with account picture. Did exactly as you shown and it worked! Minor change: Mine was Program Data > Microsoft > Default Account Pictures (instead of User Account Pictures)

  16. I’m changing the picture on multiple identical machines (Packard Bell laptops). The first 8 machines accepted my enormous 1920 x 1080 jpg without problems…giving me the image in the start menu as well as the logon screen. The 9th refuses. Your solution is not a solution, rather it’s a workaround. There is obviously a deeper issue here which should be solveable.

  17. This did not work for me at all as for I couldn’t even find me drive root on windows 8. This was not useful and it drove me crazy trying to figure this out.

  18. I went through this process and it didn’t work for me. There is a sync across OneDrive to get all accounts to have the same information but there is no way to force the sync so the computer showing the error still shows no profile picture. It’s very frustrating when something this fundamental doesn’t function properly.

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